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Tired of mining for all your resources? What if fishing was actually useful? Look no further than Fish Are Cool!

Fish Are Cool is a mod that makes fishing both useful and rewarding. This brand new mod adds 11 new fish, new water type, and a new way to get your usually mined resources. Sit back, throw out a line, and reel in all these new fish.


Base water for catching all new fish. Can be crafted by surrounding a water bucket with a variety of mined resources. Additional buckets can be caught while fishing in it. Can also be arranged to create an infinite water source. 

- FISH -
11 unique fish matching mined resources. When cooked in a smoker, you can then craft them into the respective resource or consume the cooked fish for a small buff. Each fish giving a unique buff and resource.

Can you catch them all? :)

Supported Versions: 1.18.2/1.19.2/1.19.3