Falling With Style was intended to add two concepts to falling.  One, that landing on some blocks may damage them enough to break them and, in doing so, reduce player falling damage.  Ever look at a drop and think it would make more sense to aim for the leaves instead of landing on ground.  Now, you may end up doing both.  Also, landing on sloped surfaces, such as stairs, will cause sliding if hit with enough of an impact.


This was my second modding project.  It was great fun working on, but it's development got put on hold and I never got back to it.  I had plans to do parts of it differently and I still have some ideas I'd like to see happen some day, but realistically I probably won't be doing more with this, so I figured better to release what I have done.  It works.  It was designed to be highly configurable, although I can't promise all of the configuration options work, since it has been so long.


If you decide to try this, thanks.  I hope you get some enjoyment out of it.