This simple mod disables the annoying "Experimental Features" advice that appears every time you create or load a world with custom dimensions or world settings. You can use it if either this screen annoys you as much as it does to me or you are creating a mod with custom worldgen and you want to disable the advice screen (Jar-in-jar if that's your case!). Compatible with all 1.16.2+ versions, including prereleases!


Although this is a Fabric Mod, it does NOT require Fabric API.


Minecraft Forge Users: If you're looking for a Minecraft Forge port of this mod, check out Shutup Experimental Settings!. This mod is a port of Disable Custom Worlds Advice for Minecraft Forge made by Corgi_Taco. I officially endorse this port as the developer contacted me before submitting it and I had the chance to check that everything was ok, so I trust in him/her and his/her work. Also, using this port is a great way to support me, as Corgi_Taco and I are sharing the revenue.