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Filename ExtrabiomesXL-universal-1.6.2-3.14.0.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser8175150
Uploaded Jul 26, 2013
Game Version 1.6.2
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MD5 8b6f8d3ad578808e5a558a60edad034c
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  • 5 New Trees and Shrubs
  • Bald Cypress Tree
  • Cypress Tree
  • Japanese Maple Tree
  • Japanese Maple Shrub
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
  • 5 New Logs and their Planks, Slabs, Stairs
  • Bald Cypress Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
  • Cypress Logs
  • Japanese Maple Logs
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
  • Autumn Logs
  • Updated and Textures
  • Fir Logs, Fir Quarter Logs, Acacia Logs, and Redwood Quarter Logsgs.
  • Autumn woods leaves and saplings now have fresh colors, and more lively textures.
  • Flowers have gotten a much needed texture and naming overhaul.
    • Hydrangea - New texture
    • Buttercups - New texture
    • Purple flowers are now called Lavender and have a new texture.
    • Calla Lilies are not only spelled correctly but actually resemble the real thin
  • Self Replanting Saplings
  • All ExtrabiomesXL saplings have a chance or replanting themselves if left on the ground for to long.
  • The replant rates are relative to how many saplings a tree will drop on average so larger trees with more saplings should not overpopulate the forest floor with saplings if you do not pick them up.
  • The sapling replant rate is configurable via the config file, on a per tree basis. Sapluing replant chance can be disabled by setting to 0% chance.
  • Console Commands for Debugging and Map Making (Blog for more Details)
  • The scarecrow now scares mobs away in the same fashion as an Iron Golem.
  • Bug Fixes (There were quite a few that are not listed)
  • Trees did not tell leaves that they were capable of supporting them, leading to massive leaf de-spawning after a block update near a tree.
  • Log turner no longer skips rotations on old log types.
  • Horses didn't spawn in any of ExtrabiomesXL's biomes. They now spawn in the Meadow, Mountain Ridge, Savanna, and Shrubland biomes.