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Do you like to explore the underground ? Do you think minecraft caves are boring ? This mod is for you ! This mod adds underground structures filled with treasure pots, mushrooms, decorations like stalactites and even more !


This mod affects world generation and is currently in beta version so be careful with using it on your maps bugs could happen.

Textures and models are made to fit well into the minecraft aesthetic making this mod a 'must have' to upgrade caves nicely.


Future updates (Minecraft 1.16 +)

This mod has been OFFICIALY rewritten and fixed for newer versions by Rover656.

If you have questions and want to see updates check the "expanded-caves" page.
Thank you!


Extended Caves 1.5 + update

- Blocks :

Marlstone can be found in savannahs and badlands, marlstone powder can be used to craft clay. Cobble dirtstone and cobble mudstone. Marble. New stairs and slabs for cobbles and marble.

- Generation :

All decorations and structures generate way less than before. Generation and generation configuration are different. 

- Tweaks :

Stews can be stacked. Sweet mushrooms can be put into smoker and campfire. Added configuration for mushrooms group sizes.

- Fixes :

You can use a shovel to harvest mud. Stone speleothems now generate properly. Check the changelog for more details.

* structures config spawn rates details :
* more than 35 is common
* 30 to 35 is uncommon
* 20 to 30 is rare
* less than 20 is very rare
* less than 5 is almost not generating


Features :

- Structures :

There is one dungeon and 3 cabins. They all can contain treasure pots randomly generated.

- Treasures pots :

They have random useful items. Clay pots are common and quartz pots are rare.

- Mushrooms :

Sweet mushrooms can be eaten and cooked to restore 6 points of hunger. Goldishrooms and shinyshrooms can be eaten to give you respectively Haste I and II. They can be used to craft the "Sticky stew" able to give you Haste III. Lumishrooms are purely decorative and emits light.

- Stalactites, stalagmites and pebbles :

Purely decorative. You can get pebbles by destroying them. Pebbles can be an alternative way to craft blocks of stone.


Extended Caves 1.1 + update

- Stalagmites and stalactites :

They have been replaced with new models, old ones are gone. There are 6 variants of stalactites and 6 variants of stalagmites including double block ones !

- Lavastone :

A new type of stone that is generated near lava lakes.

- Limestone :

A new type of stone with stalactites and stalagmites variants.

- Pebbles :

They have been updated and there are limestone and lavastone variants.

- Rock piles :

Small piles of rocks made of stone, limestone and lavastone.

- Other changes :

All stalactites, stalagmites, pebbles, piles of rocks can have a random direction when generated.

You can gather small stalactites, small stalagmites, pebbles and piles of rocks with a silktouch pickaxe if you want to replace those decorations.

Treasures pots do not require a pickaxe anymore. You can break them with your hands and still get the drops.


Extended Caves 1.2 + update

- Cold caves : 

You can find patches of ice, packed ice and blue ice into undergrounds of cold biomes. Cold biomes are the ones with either ice or snow on the surface.

- Plants :

There are hanging roots and different mosses. You can only find the frozen moss into the cold biomes it gives slowness to any mob getting into it. You can find fire moss growing on top of lavastones it sets on fire any mob getting into it. Dry moss and hanging roots are purely decorative and can be found anywhere underground.

- Sealed crystals :

They can be found under level 20 on top of lavastone. They are very rare. You can find the blue one in cold biomes, the orange one in deserts and the green one in swamps. They can be broken to get a effect crystal.

- Effects crystals :

They can be placed anywhere and give you an effect for 1 min when you right click on them. The effects reload after a random while and you can get the effect indefinitely.

The Tempest crystal gives you speed, the Volcano one gives you fire resistance and the Cure one gives you regeneration.


Extended Caves 1.3+ update

Lot of fixes, new features and changes. Check the changelog for more information.


Extended Caves 1.4+ update


- Blocks :

Mud, mudstone can be found in swamps - Dirtstone can be found in jungles. They can be crafted and there are stairs and slabs for the stones.

- Structures :

Cold biomes cabin and jungle biomes cabin. Dungeons and cabins generate now properly.

- Decorations :

Slime bulbs than can be found on mud. They give you slime balls. There are jungles mosses that grow in jungle biomes on dirt. You can now find flint just like pebbles.

- Mushrooms :

3 new mushrooms : The small and large fluoshrooms - They both emit light and can be found in jungle and swamp biomes. The rockshrooms - They can be found below level 24 and are pretty rare. All those mushrooms can be used to craft 2 differents stews with useful properties. You can get them in the crafting book once you find those shrooms.

- Fixes :

You can find more details into the changelog. Generation is a bit different. Check out the config file first !


Config file (for v. 1.1 +) :

You can enable or disable some generations elements. You can choose the amount of decorations, structures, ...
Everything is in the "extended_caves_config" file in your config folder. Be sure to restart Minecraft for the config to be effective !


Usage :

You can use this mod in your modpack but you should credit, do not re-host this mod without asking me.