Cognition (formerly Experience Obelisk)


Experience Obelisk is now Cognition!

Cognition aims to overhaul player XP, by providing new ways to store, transport, and use it in weird and wonderful ways. Power all sorts of mystical machinery with Cognitium, best described as pure knowledge given corporeal form. As for now the content available is quite small, but much more is currently in the works! For detailed information about the content of this mod thus far, feel free to check out the wiki.

Important Info

⚠️ This project requires ⚠️
- Geckolib 3 for 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 versions
- Geckolib 4 for 1.20.1+ versions
- Additionally, as an optional dependency, you might want to install Curios API, which will allow you to wear items from this mod in curios slots.

For backward compatibility, the mod id remains "experienceobelisk", which is to say, should you need to obtain the IDs for anything in the game, they will be in the format "experienceobelisk:item_or_block_id". As of now the mod is still in development and there are likely to be bugs here and there, so if you would like to report one, please don't hesitate to do so at the github page.

For updates on the progress of the mod, or if you just wanna hang out and chat, join the official Terrarium discord here


Q: Any plans for a fabric port?

A: I would like to support fabric, but the current priority for me now is adding content to the mod. If a fabric port were to come, it would not be in the near future.

Q: When will the mod be released for version 1.x.x?

A: I aim to offer support for at least one version from each of the three latest major Minecraft updates. This is currently 1.20.1, 1.19.2, and 1.18.2. If a version has not been supported yet it is either because I haven't had time to work on it, or because the player base for that particular version just isn't there. I will not backport or maintain older versions.

This mod is supported by Bisect Hosting! Check them out if you're wanting a minecraft server:


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- All block models were done by the extremely talented Squishy
- Thank you lazerdude for helping with playtesting!