Expanded Tooltips

This is the Forge version of this mod. Fabric/Quilt version link.

Expanded Tooltips is an open-source, client-sided mod for Minecraft allowing for custom item descriptions on all vanilla and modded blocks and items.


An example of the mod's functionality

The mod comes with default tooltips for all blocks and items, as shown above and by examples in the Gallery tab. However, language files can be used to configure the mod, from adding support for modded blocks and items to creating tooltips for other languages! The mod is also open-source, and if you would like to request an official translation you can use the issues on the GitHub.

How to Add Tooltips

An example language file Right click & Open image in new tab if the image is too small

All tooltips should be created inside the language file for the language they are being written in, under the directory assets/expanded_tooltips/lang.

Language file name reference

To modify an existing tooltip, add an entry similar to the first one in the picture, with sentences separated by a space and \n. It will automatically override the one added by the mod.

Adding a new tooltip works almost identically to modification. The only difference is to change the id to the id of a new modded block or item.