Are you tired of plain old tnt and you want more explosions?
Do you need more action and holes in your world?

Well then EMT(Even More TNT) is just a mod made for you!
Mod adds 31 unique TNT that might cause chaos in your world!


Warning! Certain TNT Will take longer to explode! So wait a bit and don’t place it near any houses or villages or they will be removed from existence!



Teleporting TNT - Do you even enderman bro?
Mining TNT - Every miner needs some help right?
Fiery TNT - Be careful as it might cause some house fire!
Lighting Storm TNT - Is lighting a joke to you? No!
Water Flood TNT - I always wanted a pool in my backyard!
Gravitational TNT - Now you might want to have some feather falling on you!
Lava TNT - Lava pool in my backyard?! Why not!
Festive TNT - I guess it's not too late for fireworks!
Cluster TNT - 1 tnt is not enough so why not 5?!
Slimy TNT - 5 explosions instead of 1 why not?
Water Absorption TNT - One blink and all water is vaporized!
Physic TNT - Do you even minecraft bro? Physics in minecraft don't exist!
Troll TNT - Where did explosion go? Oh no it's behind me!
Shulker TNT - Wooho i believe i can fly!

Miner's Delight - Your everyday mining friend that will destroy only stone!
Woodcutter's Delight - Your everyday woodcutting friend that will destroy only wood and leaves!

Flatter TNT - Now everything will be flat!
Wrath Of Zeus TNT - You will get blasted by almighty zeus!


TNT 5x - Only 5 times ehh.. This is weak...
TNT 10x - Well now this is getting interesting..
TNT 20x - 10 + 10 = 20? Well This one might blew a mountain up!
TNT 100x - Oh dear... Village might be blown away in a instant.
TNT 200x - Double the power?! Nope.. Run as fast as you can!
TNT 500x - Wow... This is definetly a world destroyer...
TNT 1000x - Welp... This might even require a decent pc just to blew it up!

Bunker Buster TNT - Now your secret base might be found in a instant!
BlackHole TNT - Well everything might be doomed and consumed by this monster!

AirStrike TNT - Well one word i can say is run for your life!
Chunk Buster TNT - I hope you will not use this in someones house?
Biome Buster TNT - Oh.... Well i will not need that biome anytime soon..
World Buster TNT - Well all my world is doomed for sure!... It's like 6 biome busters in one boom.


All crafting recipes can be found on the website!
Each update even more content will be added.