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Entity Model Features (EMF) is a Fabric, Quilt & Forge mod that adds support for OptiFine's Custom Entity Models (CEM).
It's designed for anyone who wants to use the CEM resource pack features but to use mods such as Sodium, Continuity or ETF.

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Required mods

Entity Texture Features (ETF): EMF uses several features from my other mod ETF, so it is required. (primarily used to support the random model feature, the config screen, and allow textures set in models to vary like in OptiFine)



Recommended mods

Please also install the below mods if you can, the obvious ones such as Sodium are not mentioned.

It should also go without saying EMF is incompatible with dorianpb's CEM and OptiFabric.

highly recommended

Entity Culling: This mod does wonders for reducing entity rendering lag, doing even more than Sodium's included entity culling. I cannot recommend this enough.



Fresh Animations?


it works :)


 Download Fresh Animations



Features & OptiFine differences & Known Bugs


Up-to-date feature details page : Features & Optifine differences




Q: What's different between EMF and dorianpb's CEM?


EMF is in a complete state and has a nearly 1 to 1 parity with OptiFine CEM, EMF also does a few extra things like player animations and armor model support, with more ideas on the way :)

EMF also does things differently under the hood with little to no hardcoding of support for vanilla models. Allowing full CEM support for various modded entities.


Q: Do all CEM resource packs work?

A: Most packs work fine, but I'm sure there are some exceptions, report any found issues here, or on my discord.



Q: Backports?

A: Backports to 1.18 & 1.19 are planned.
Backports to version 1.17 and below are not planned at this time.