Engineer's Doors adds doors, trapdoors, and fence gates made out of materials from Immersive Engineering ("IE"). You must install IE to use this mod.

Here's a short feature list:

  • Doors in concrete, steel, and treated wood, with cosmetic "ornate" and "reinforced" variants for each
  • Trapdoors in concrete, steel and treated wood
  • Fence gates in aluminium, steel, and treated wood
  • Recipes are analogous to vanilla Minecraft's corresponding blocks, and variants are cycled just like IE scaffolding.
  • Steel doors and trapdoors are redstone-only by default, but can be configured to be "manually" openable too. Manual steel doors work with Quark's double-door-opening feature if Quark is installed and that feature enabled (normally Quark won't do this for metal doors).
  • Trapdoors work better than vanilla ones in conjunction with ladders; open trapdoors with ladder below act like ladders with a number of ladders from other mods, while vanilla trapdoors only recognize vanilla ladders for the same feature. IE and Quark ladders are explicitly supported, and other mod ladders are supported if they inherit from the vanilla BlockLadder class (which most do).
  • The IE village engineer's house uses treated wood doors instead of oak ones (if the structure's enabled on IE's end). Treated wood doors are valid as "village doors".

As a rule, I don't promise features, but I'm happy to take suggestions and mention my tentative plans, so here's a list of planned features that might or might not materialize at some point:

  • More doors and trapdoors? (Probably done for now? We'll see if inspiration strikes.)
  • Large doors
  • MalisisDoors support (I started on this, but am writing it off for now; this would require significant work and too few other mods support MalisisDoors; I'll revisit it in 1.14+ if both IE and MalisisDoors update.)
  • More types of IE-themed decoration… (This is still planned, but will be a separate mod.)

As an add-on mod, this mod's textures are derivative of the original Immersive Engineering textures by Damien A. W. "Hazard", under the permission in the IE license allowing texture reuse in add-on mods.

You may use this mod freely in modpacks, but you must follow the Minecraft EULA and the Immersive Engineering license, credit mod authors appropriately, and so on. Just don't be a jerk. :)

If you send me a language file for a language you'd like this mod to support, I'll gladly add it to the mod and credit you. Current language support with credits:

  • en_ca "Canadian English": Nihiltres
  • en_us "American English": Nihiltres
  • en_ud "Upside-down English": Nihiltres
  • fr_fr "French": Nihiltres
  • tr_tr "Turkish": Emirhangg