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Ender IO is a full-featured tech mod. It has armor, tools, weapons, machines, conduits, inventory management, mobs, etc.

This is the endergy module that contains many additional "levels" of the existing items in the mod.

This addon can be used with both the modular installation or the monolithic installation of Ender IO. When used with the modular installation, it requires the base and conduits modules.

Other modules:

Integration modules:


Endergy expands on the Ender IO experience with more of the balanced* content you love! If you want higher powered conduits, or faster machines, then this is the mod for you!
*warning, content may not actually be balanced.

Endergy has the over-powered content that would not normally fit in Ender IO, as well as further integration with other mods.

Content Includes:

  • More Energy Conduits
    • An energy conduit for almost every situation, including the nearly unlimited power transfer of Stellar conduits and the early game crude steel conduits.
  • More Alloys
    • Ingots, blocks, nuggets and grinding balls for Stellar Alloy, Melodic Alloy, Crystalline Alloy, Crude Steel, Crystalline Pink Slime, Energetic Silver and Vivid Alloy
  • More Capacitors
    • This includes an equivalent set of silver capacitors matching the progression of the original capacitors, a crystalline capacitor (level 3.5), melodic (level 4), stellar (level 5), grainy capacitor (has durability, but is cheap and equivalent to basic), and the Totemic capacitor, which is enchantable with efficiency to get up to level 6!
  • Stellar tools and armour
    • The ultimate Dark Steel armour set, with all the same upgrades, but even more powerful