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Elemental Creepers: Refabricated

Elemental Creepers: Refabricated is a port of the original mod by xSmallDeadGuyx, given some liberties to modernize the mod.




  • 10+ Creepers spawning into your world with various effects;
  • Configurable spawn rate, radius of explosion and ability to spawn of the creepers individually;
  • Elemental TNT! When killing any creeper, you might obtain gunpowder of it's element, that can be used to craft TNT's or be reverted into vanilla gunpowder.


List of Creepers:

Water Creeper: Spawns near oceans and other water-related biomes. Explodes into a water fountain.

Fire Creeper: Spawns on hot overworld biomes, such as deserts, mesas and savannas. Spreads fire into near range.

Earth Creeper: Creates a dirt mess where it explodes. Beware not to trigger it near your house!


Air Creeper: Spawns on mountains. Launches you high into the air, make sure to bring a water bucket to survive the fall!


Electric Creeper: Spawns a Lightning Bolt when exploding, that can cause close creepers to become charged;

Light Creeper: Creates glowstone and gives you glowing effect;

Dark Creeper: Destroys most luminous blocks and gives you blindness;

Ice Creeper: Spawns on cold biomes. Leaving a snow layer trail where they pass, Ice Creepers explode into a big snow mess and gives you slowness.



Magma Creeper: Nether exclusive, the Magma Creeper explodes into a lava fountain. Leaves a fire trail where they pass.


Hydrogen Creeper: Explodes like a regular creeper, but ten-fold. Beware to not anger this Creeper!


Reverse Creeper: Reverts the ground upside-down.

Miner Creeper: Mines nearby stone (and it's variants) for you.


Illusion Creeper: Creates 4 illusions of itself. The real one explodes, while the 4 copies try to trick you.


Firework Creeper: Spawns a firework :D… but don’t be too near of it’s explosion!


Cookie Creeper: Explosion causes no damage or breaking of blocks, drops 2-4 cookies afterwards.

Rainbow Creeper: Extremely rare, randomly explodes into any of the previous creepers' effects.


Do you have permission to do this mod from the original author?

A: Yes, I do.

forge when/backport to [outdated version]?

A: no


If any glitches are found, please report 'em on the GitHub Repository or on the discord guild: