Dynamic Trees

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Filename DynamicTrees-1.11.2-0.7.4.jar
Uploaded by ferreusveritas
Uploaded Feb 2, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
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The Apple Tree Update


This release features an apple tree with fruit growing from the branches.  The apple trees have a 1/25 chance of spawning in place of an oak tree in plains biomes.  Apples can be crafted with dirt bucket to make an apple pip for planting.  Apples won't grow on the apple tree until it is mature enough to do so.  Also in this release is lots of bug fixes and several translations.


New Features

  • Added German, Russian and Ukranian lang translations
  • Added Apple Trees
  • Proper support for passable leaves mod
  • Normalized seed drop rate for worlds that have modified randomTickSpeed(helps with too many seeds on ground)
  • Halved the drop of voluntary seeds but doubled the plant rate of seeds on ground(fewer seeds on ground, but forests spread rate not impacted)

API Features

  • Added TreeBuilder to API
  • Added drop creator registry system for adding and removing tree drops for individual trees or globally
  • Added addAcceptableSoil(...) function to Species class so mods can add dirt blocks to trees from other mods

Bugs Fixed

  • Workaround for Better Foliage bug. Thanks mangoose3039
  • Fixed bug where species growth functionality wasn't being respected.
  • Fix for issue #36(Compatibility with Better With Mods "Hardcore Lumber")
  • Fixed world generation bug when there's no ground
  • Fixed client crash with rooty dirt block color multiplier
  • Fix crash involving TNT
  • Fixed problem with trees not growing in multiplayer.
  • Trees no longer generate in superflat world.