Dramatic Trees is a fork of Dynamic Trees.

Dramatic Trees includes a fair few changes from the original mod. Most notably:
- Trees now have unique falling sounds. They will creak & crunch as they crash to the ground
- Falling Trees triggering other trees to fall on collision
- Tree stumping, akin to BetterWithMods/BetterThanWolves

Potential future plans?
- Stripping trees
- Bark item drops
- Solid tree entity collisions
- Unique sounds for different trees
- Fallen trees that do not die until harvested with a tool, such as an axe or saw
- Dragging of fallen trees using rope, horse carts, or water transportation
- Better soil type support
- The ability to uproot, pot, & transport unfinished growing trees
- Improve compatibility with BetterFoliage visuals
- Progressively broken trunks, akin to BetterThanWolves tree chopping
- New textures