If you dream of becoming a dragon in Minecraft like me, then this mod is for you! ■ 

■ This global mod completely changes your gameplay and focuses it on transforming into one of three types of dragon: forest, sea and cave. Each has its own characteristics and its own magic. The mod was created by a true dragon fan for other dragons. There's a lot of content and a lot of effort put into it. There is a lot of soul put into this mod and numerous small details that will make your experience of the game unique and unrepeatable. Beware! You will most likely never be able to play in Minecraft without this mod again! :)

■ 3 Dragon species ■ 36 Magic Skills ■ Roleplay Emotions ■ Flight in Sky ■ Growth system ■ Treasures ■ Customisation ■ Many Configs ■ 


■ Installation rules, information, help and more can be found in Discord and Wiki ■