Befriend and ride a variety of dolphin species in Minecraft, gaining gifts to level up! Fundraising for WDC.

⬆️Now for Minecraft 1.19.2!

Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.2 / Minecraft Forge for 1.19.2 / Fabric Loader 0.14.9 / Fabric API 0.60.0+1.19.2

Fundraising for Whale and Dolphin Conservation

If you enjoy this free mod, please show your support by giving a voluntary donation to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity on this JustGiving page:

Through raising awareness, taking political action and providing alternatives, WDC aims to take action to prevent all these factors putting cetaceans in danger. To learn more about the actions WDC is taking, please see their website.

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#EndBycatch #NotInOurNets



  • 📺 Please see SkelGaming240's video preview here.
  • Meet 3 naturally-spawning species of dolphin: Common Dolphin, Bottlenose & Pink River Dolphin
  • Befriend dolphins by giving them fish, and then ride them with a saddle, crafting and equipping armour.
  • Receive gifts and a custom material, delphinium, to give you a marine theme!


> Thank you to MG, AG and CG for helping with playtesting, graphics, and ideas!


How do I install this mod?

This mod needs Minecraft Forge for 1.19.2, the Fabric Loader 0.14.9, and Fabric API 0.60.0+1.19.2

  • Close the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Download Minecraft Forge for 1.19 (Recommended Version) and double-click on the downloaded file.
    • Click "Install for client"
  • Download and install Fabric Loader the same way.
    • Select "Minecraft Version: 1.19" and "Loader Version: 0.14.9".
  • Open the Minecraft Launcher, and under Installations click the folder icon next to fabric-loader-1.19.2.
    • Your file viewer should open.
    • Open the mods folder.
    • Empty this folder, and then download and move these JAR files into it:
    • Fabric API 0.60.0+1.19.2
    • Dolphins of the Deep 1.0.1 (The .JAR file in the Releases section)
    • Go back to the Play tab, change the version to fabric-loader-1.19.2, and click Play!

If the game crashes or you notice a bug, please report it under the Issues tab.

Can I use this mod in a modpack? Is it open-source?

The license of this mod allows you to copy and distribute it and its source code, as long as you don't:

  • You don't sell the software as a whole or sell substantial portions of it,
  • You include the fundraising link visible to users in any uses of it (this includes modpacks), and
  • You include the copyright and permission notice from the license.

Please refer to the full license.