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Filename DiscordIntegration-mc1.10.2-3.0.0.jar
Uploaded by TheChikachi
Uploaded Jul 30, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 8.42 MB
Downloads 185
MD5 3411c1eec1ddbe1e99ec83280a9a5025
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8



  • Complete rewrite
    • Added support for sending to multiple Discord channels
    • Added support for multiple Discord channels config
    • Added support for multiple Minecraft dimension config
    • Added support for webhook
    • Added support for mentioning roles
    • Added support for ignore
      • Discord users
      • Minecraft messages by regex
      • Minecraft FakePlayers
    • Added support for /me messages
    • Added support for commands through Discord DM
      • Notice: Uses user's roles in all guilds for role permissions
    • Added integration for DynmapForge
    • Added Discord user discriminator to IMC user NBTTagCompound
    • Added linking between Discord user and Minecraft user
    • Added whitelist/blacklist to IMC to prevent possible spamming mods
    • Moved all commands to Minecraft /discord ...
      • Hint: Use tab autocompletion
      • When creating commands for Discord, just point towards the Minecraft command
      • Added /discord uptime command
      • Colored tps is now /discord tps --color
    • Cuts off messages relayed (to Discord) longer than 2000 characters
      • Notice: This might break some command responses / formatting
        • Such as TPS for servers with many dimensions
    • Fixed permission missing crashes
    • Fixed relaying cancelled events
    • Removed support for & in formatting