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Receive starter items when you first log into the game (Login Rewards) |  View Changelog

Server side is supported. You can install this on the server and not need to have it installed on the client.

Created by the same authors who made DarkRPG (for a full RPG experience, get the DarkRPG modpack and enjoy quests and rpg gameplay)



(Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks to these features) 

You will receive a Stone Sword, Torch, Leather Boots, Some Apples and Bread inside a bundle when you first log into the game. You can open the bundle which will drop your items on the ground for you to pick up.

All items are fully customizable via datapacks! Simply get the datapack from the GamerPotion Discord channel's #files section and place it inside your world's 'datapacks' folder. Server owners can do the same but make sure you have finalized the file before you let your players into the game.  You can then edit the 2 files inside the datapack to change the starter message and the items.


Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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