Darkest Souls is a Dark Fantasy mod inspired by the Souls Series of games: Elden Ring, Bloodborne, the Dark Souls Trilogy, Demon Souls and Sekiro and a successor to the older Blood and Madness mod.

This mod aims to add an heavy progression system based on exploration and combat, with a great variety of weapons with special attacks and abilities, a magic system and plenty of new enemies to fight.


Uncoming planned content:



>New Enemies and Weapons

>Armour Sets with different bonuses depending on class (Sorcerer, Cleric, Pyromancer, Hunter, Knight, Tank, Alchemist and Specialist)

>Pyromancy, Miracles and Dark Sorcery

>Summoner Class

>New Bosses, Structures and Dimensions


Mod Content:



Gameplay Mechanics:




All mobs from the mod  have a poise value that when it decreases to zero the mob is stunned for a few seconds. For now only custom weapons from the mod will damage enemies' poise.



Special Effects:


Blood Loss:

Blood loss is an effect that increases each time it's afflicted. It has no direct effect but once it goes over a certain value it inflicts a large portion of health and resets. It can be inflicted by some enemies'  attacks or by the player using weapons that inflict the ailment. All mobs enemies have different blood loss resistances, increasing the amount of blood loss inflicted needed to trigger the effect. Vanilla mobs (and mobs from other mods) all have the same resistance of 6, except skeletons that are immune. The player has a resistance of 10. In future custom armour sets will increase the player's blood loss resistance.






There are different kinds of weapons, for now only Melee weapons (Common, Special and Trick Weapons) and Sorcery Staves. In the future more weapon types will be added, like guns, the pyromancy flame and more.





Common and Special Weapons:


Weapons are differentiated by attack speed, damage, poise damage, movement speed and knockback intensity. All weapons also have special attacks that allow them to hit multiple enemies at the same time, each with its own range and number of enemies that can be hit at the same time. Some weapons also inflict blood loss or have other intrinsic properties. Special weapons are stronger and have more unique properties, but require rarer materials to craft.




Trick Weapons:


Trick weapons are special weapons that can transform into an alternate form (left_alt)



Sorcery Staves:


Sorcery Staves are weapons that consume small soul fragments to cast a diverse range of magic attacks. Each Staff has two magic attack, one for left click and one for right click.









 Hollows are basic enemies that spawn at night on the Overworld Surface. Depending on their type, they drop Soul Fragments, Rune Fragments and more rarely titanite fragments, iron or their weapons.



Mad Hollow:


Weak and armed only of a Broken Straightsword. They are almost naked and offer little challenge to the player. They come in different clothing variations.





Gravetender Hollow:


A little stronger and clad in black cloacks, they come in different  weapon variants.





Hollow Soldier:


 Stronger Hollows equipped with different kinds of armour. For now they only come in the Longsword variant








Skeletons will spawn underground below Y level 48. They are stronger than Hollows and come in different variations: Falchion, Spear and Double Curved Swords. They are immune to blood loss.






 A special variant of skeleton that can roll towards the player trampling everything in it's path







Beasts are a cathegory of stronger enemies


Beast Patient:


Beast patients are the weakest beast enemy that can spawn in the world. They spawn underground or at night on the surface. They come in a normal variant and a slower slightly more powerful cloaked variant.






Ashen Blood Beast Patient:


A stronger variant of the Beast Patient, they can scream alerting all nearby beasts of the position of the player and giving them stronger, venomous attacks and red eyes.







Other Enemies:



Sewer Centipede:


They spawn deep underground or in swamps.







They spawn deep underground or in swamps and oceans and they afflict the player with blood loss




Monstruosity of Sin:


Very strong, they spawn deep underground. They are very weak to blood loss