Dalek Invasion

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Face the might of the Dalek race in the never-ending war!

This mod brings the Daleks from the Dr. Who movies and other 1960's versions of them into Minecraft on their quest for total universal conquest! It also features plenty of brand new and original Daleks! If you love Dr. Who, or simply just want an alien invasion mod, you've come to the right place.

The overworld is now overrun with Daleks of all kinds and with different powers. You can even journey to the Dalek home world of Skaro to fight the higher ranking Daleks for reward! 


More screenshots can be found in the Images tab above the CurseForge post!

WYLDDOG - Programmer
owogoat - Artist

Special thanks to
, Mephilis12, local_silverfish, 1WTC, ranafangirl