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Note: If customization GUI does not work or crash with MalisisCore installed, try an older version of MalisisCore!


This mod contains 2 customizable world generators for OpenCubicChunks mod:

  • CustomCubic: similar in overall functionality to vanilla customized world type, but organized differently, with better GUI, and without any height limits. World generator options include
    • water level
    • enable/disable caves
    • enable/disable strongholds
    • alternative stronghold position generator, spreads them over spheres around world origin instead of circles of different radius (not in gui!)
    • enable/disable villages, mineshafts, temples, ocean monuments, woodland mansions (generation of these structures not implemented!) 
    • enable.disable ravine generation
    • enable/disable dungeon generation, customize amount
    • enable/disable water lakes, customize rarity
    • enable/disable lava lakes, customize rarity (there are some issues with that currently)
    • enable/disable lava oceans
    • select biome for single biome mode, biome size and river size
    • ore customization:
      • option to add/remove ores, and generate any block as an ore (with exception of some tile entities)
    • customization of noise generators, with real time preview of example 2d slice of terrain across different biomes
    • "generator layers" - allows to use different presets for different predefined areas (not in gui!)
    • Customization of "block replacers" - Customize "stone block", dirt depth, ocean block and more (not in gui!)
  • Advanced conditional generation of ores (not in gui!)
  • Lake generation customization
  • FlatCubic: similar in functionality to vanilla superflat, but without height limits.
    • Add/remove layers, set block to generate in layer

For cubic chunks versions 1.10.2-0.0.871.0, 1.11.2-0.0.856.0, 1.12.2-0.0.852.0 and earlier these generators are parts of cubic chunks.

Installation and dependencies:

Download the mod and required dependencies, install MinecraftForge, put the downloaded mods into mods folder.

This mod requires OpenCubicChunks, and to access generator customization GUI - also requires MalisisCore. There is no customization GUI for 1.10.2 version. These options can be accessed only with NBT editor or by creating a world on newer version and copying level.dat file to 1.10.2.


Mod compatibility

The custom world generators, with a few exceptions, won't be able to use any world generation features added by other mods. All other compatibility issues of OpenCubicChunks still apply.