A tech mod with the goal of making automation interesting. There is no one block solution, and every system should be carefully designed in order to make it the best it can be. Instead, there are simple machines that get combined to create complex contraptions. Prepare to design heat distribution systems that get as hot as possible without melting, and gear setups that aim for specific speed to energy ratios. Crossroads has been described as a mod where you make Rube Goldberg machines, except they're the simplest way to do things.


For the most part, Crossroads isn't balanced around waiting for machines to process or mining a certain amount of rare ore, instead being balanced around the player's ability to think outside the box when it comes to automation. While many things are tricky to create or automate, late game items can be extremely powerful, with staffs that shoot lightning, flying mounts, and being able to cheaply produce most raw materials, like iron or redstone. Like Botania, Crossroads can be played alone for an extra challenge. 



Essentials is a required dependency


Installing Patchoull is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

There is ingame documentation if Patchouli is installed.

For Crossroads 1.X.X, documentation is done through GuideAPI.


Join the Crossroads Discord here (Joint Essentials/Crossroads Discord)

There are also some (very out of date for CR2+) video tutorials for CR1.X.X here