10,530,775 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Nothing else than a simple core mod required by most of my mods, containing useful features like a gui-api, packet system, dynamic rendering system, easy asm transformation name manager and other useful stuff.


  • Performance Improvment (Huge lag spike fix) video: merged into forge
  • Gui-Api
  • Config System (/cmdconfig or the ingame mod options)
  • Packet system (supports splitted packets)
  • Recipe system
  • Enhanced Vanilla Recipe
  • Transformer API (obfuscated name converter)
  • Event system (by N247s)
  • InfoStack objects (a way to uniform itemstack groups)
  • Fake world


I know everybody hates core mods, because its an additional file you have to download, but it speeds up my progress. Over the years, I've created tones of useful methods and ways to achieve something. Now i can put all of it in CreativeCore and use it for all of my mods.


This mod does not contain any feature or what so ever, but it is required by:



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