(By the release of this Mod the Modpack wont be released yet)
Permission for the Name was granted by Creates Author simibubi.

This Core Mod adds 7 Blocks 1 is for Generation of AE2s Skystone, while the other 5 are for Generation of Create Orestones. In the modpack this is implemented with kubejs and a datapack.

The 7th block is a custom Tile Entity that needs ars nouveau spells to transform into Ancient Debris. This again only works in combination with the modpack. as you may tell everything here doesnt work without the modpack.

 Theres also a custom entity and custom fluid. The Entity needs 4 processing steps to become a orb of flight from forbidden arcanus. And the Fluid is one of those steps. The fluid is made through another thing in the modpack.

This is released before the modpack, so I wont have problems with uploading the Modpack cause of the unregistered core mod.


One of the Generative Blocks in question