This is just a fork of tfarecnim's Crafting Station mod, with added JEI support. tfarecnim wasn't interested in adding it but there was enough demand, and its an MIT licence, so here we are!

Crafting Station is a slight tweak to how crafting tables work. Origanlly from Tinkers Construct, this crafting station keeps your items stored and displays them on top. It also has access to any neighbouring inventories (with an optional blacklist for modpack creators) 

Players with JEI can now get the "+" icon on their crafting station to import a recipe, just like you'd expect on any other crafting bench.

Version 1 (including 1b and 1c) are fully backwards compatible with the original. That means if you're playing a server with the original version of the mod, you can safely use these tweaked versions to get the JEI support you need. 1c also includes fixes to the table rendering.

Version 1.1 onwards are a complete fork - you'll need this version of the mod on the server too. This version adds support for Polymorph if installed (so you can select from conflicting recipes), and also adds the crafting station to the creative tab menu.

My future plans are for a ground-up rewrite with new features, a new look and generally a bit of a more involved mod - but thats a ways off yet. This should help for now! 

GIF to show functionality: