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This mod adds a variety of tools centered around animals. The main features include:
- crafting animals and placing them anywhere in the world
- transporting and modifying animals
- creating and changing spawners
- applying armor to animals, even those that don't support armor by default
- creating holograms of animals
- turning animals into babys/adults
- wearing animals as a helmet
- create variations of animals that don't exist in vanilla Minecraft (e.g. a creeper jockey)
- ingame documentation
There are hundreds of animals, including all vanilla mobs.


The latest documentation is available ingame. To obtain the craftable animals guide book, just kill a pig while holding a regular book in your hand. It contains detailed information on all the items in the mod and shows crafting recipes for everything.


Here is an (incomplete) list of some of the recipes:

Crafting recipes


 Once an animal has been crafted it can be:

- placed on the ground

- worn on your head

- put into a spawner

- stacked on top of other mobs

- launched into the air, using an animal bow

- displayed as a hologram, using the animal display case

- turned into a baby*

- armed*

*only if supported


There are many additional items to make use of crafted mobs:

Animal bow:

The animal bow can used to place animals at a distance. When shooting, an animal and an arrow will be used and wherever the arrows hits, the animal will spawn. If a living animal gets hit, it will transform into the new one.


Animal display case:

The animal display case is a block, that creates holograms of mobs. They can be moved and rotated anywhere, as well as resized, from tiny to gigantic, to create impressive scenes.


Baby animals:

Any animal that has a baby form can be turned into a baby. This can be done for crafted animals as well as alive animals in the wild.


Armed animals:

Armor and weapons can be applied to many mobs. This works not only for zombies and skeletons, but also many other ones, that can't wear armor in vanilla Minecraft. A complete list on what mobs support which equipment can be found in the guide book.

This works not only for vanilla armor and tools, but also modded ones. But even without other mods, this system allows literally millions of different combinations.


Animal soul:

Another nice feature is the animal soul. It absorbs animals and allows to restore them later. The interesting part is, that it captures the mobs in their exact state. Once they are restored, they get their name back, their health, their equipment, ... Even the positions of their legs are preserved.

This works for modded mobs too.


One of the strengths of the mod is the cooperation between its different features. E.g. an animal that has been captured with an animal soul can be shot with a bow or displayed in a display case just fine. This allows even more customization and endless possibilities.