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A long time ago, I was looking for a mod that could show my CPS in minecraft 1.8, I couldn't find many, and the ones I tried weren't what I wanted, so I tried to make my own mod, and I did it, and I used it for a while, but my mod had some issues, so I'm doing it again, and this time, I'm sharing it with you for some feedback


I'm French so sorry for my poor english level.



SO, what's you can do with this mod




You have default preset for the text color


You can customize the text color


And a rainbow color with some settings




You can modify the scale of the text between 50 and 400% (you can override theses values in the config file)


There is some defaults preset, for left right and both clicks



But you can customize the text

{0} for the left clicks

{1} for the right clicks


and you can combine the rainbow color with the minecraft colors to make what you want


You can write 999 characters, i hope this will be enough, if not, edit the mod and compile it, this mod is under MIT license, so you can do whatever you want




  1. I'll make a way to change the background color, for now you need to edit the config file if you want to change the color or make it transparent
  2. Make lang files
  3. Maybe I'll rewrite this mod for minecraft 1.9



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