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Is an addon to Reskillable.


CompatSkills is the official compatibility add-on for Reskillable.

This addon will be updated/maintained in-sync with Reskillable.

Current Supports Include:

Astral Sorcery - Adds requirements based on the player's knowledge level, attuned constellation, and seen/mapped

Baubles - Support for Item Ejection on Item Equipped in Baubles Slot.
BetterQuesting - Adds Requirements as Tasks.
Blood Magic  - Support for Item Binding and Ritual Activation Gating.
CraftTweaker  - Support for Item Requirements.
DynamicSwordSkills - Supports using DSS Skills as Requirements.
GameStages - Support for GameStage Requirements and "Dummy Traits" (Read More Below).
Hwyla/Waila - Support for displaying requirements for breaking the block you're looking on.
Immersive Engineering - Support for Multiblock Gating.
Magneticraft - Support for Multiblock Gating.

Ore Excavation - Support for locking ore excavation, and secondary types if primary target is allowed.
ProjectE - Adds a EMC-based Lock aswell as makes it so Items with traditional requirements can't be created by the transmutation tablet, unless the requirement is met.
Scavenge - Adds support for all Reskillable Requirement types as Requirements. 
Thaumcraft - Adds Research and Knowledge locks, as well as Warp & Research requirements. 
TheOneProbe - Support for displaying requirements for breaking the block you're looking on.
Tinker's Construct - Support for locking A LOT of things.

Further support for Minecraft. Locking dimensions, tile entities, entity damage, entity taming, entity mounting. Among a wide variety of other things.


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