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Colourful Portals Mod - by Tmtravlr

Hi everyone!

Here's a brief description of this mod =) (for the full description, incuding pictures, download instructions, etc. go to the minecraftforum.net post)

This mod, Colourful Portals Mod, allows you to make portals that lead from anywhere to anywhere, even between dimensions. To make one, use wool or stained clay to make a frame any shape or size up to 16 blocks from where you will create the portal. To activate the portal, create colourful water (recipe is in the above forum post), and place the water on a frame block.

A successful portal must satisfy these three conditions:

  • There must be two air blocks above the block the colourful water is placed on.
  • The colourful water must be placed on a frame block (even if the portal is horizontal).
  • There must be a connected frame going in a single direction (vertical in the x or z direction, or horizontal), that is at most 16 blocks away from where you place the colourful water.

You will always travel to the spot where you placed the colourful water.

You can also craft single block portals, which you can pick up and carry around with you.

The portals will link from one to another based on colour. You can have as many portals of each colour as you want; you will travel between them in the order of creation.

You can create a destination portal in a random location, either in the same dimension or a random one. To create a destination in the same dimension, create a "Very Colourful Ender Pearl" and drop it into the portal. To create a destination in a random dimension, do the same with a "Highly Reflective Colourful Ender Pearl".

Post a comment in the forum post up above if you have any questions or can think of any way I can improve this. =) (I probably won't check this very often, so commenting in the minecraftforum.net post (linked above) would be better)