Cinderscapes is a beautiful, yet frightening biomes mod for Minecraft 1.16 and 1.18.2 running on the Fabric mod loader. Cinderscapes enchances the default minecraft experience by adding four new rich and detailed nether biomes following in the same style as those already in the vanilla game. In addition to new biomes Cinderscapes adds some new unique types of building blocks further expanding your building capabilities.

Cinderscapes requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API 

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The two central tenants of the Cinderscapes project are refinement and simplicity, so in order to uphold those central values, the few biomes that Cinderscapes does add have gone through rigorous polishing, detailing, and refining to make sure all additions are up to the community's standards. Focus has been placed on depth rather than breadth and we hope that it clearly shows. Overall we hope this will result in a more cohesive experience compared to existing biome mods.


  • Ashy Shoals
  • Blackstone Shales
  • Luminous Grove
  • Quartz Cavern

Images of the biomes can be found on the Images page.


Cinderscapes also contains some wonderful music from members of the community. Special thanks to Etorna_Z, LudoCrypt, and BoyBeyondTheStars for their compositions. To see more work from Etorna_Z make sure to check out their Soundcloud page, and for more work from LudoCrypt make sure to check out their bandcamp and their profile. To see more work from BoyBeyondTheStars check out their YouTube channel.

Arobazz was also kind enough to share with us their rose and smoky quartz textures for use in Cinderscapes. To see more of their work check out the Builder's Basics mod or take a look at their profile on Curse Forge.


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Cinderscapes is a mod for Fabric, and there are no plans to port this mod to Forge. 


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