Chunky McChunkFace is a versatile chunk loader mod for Minecraft that ensures your desired areas stay loaded even when you're not around. Say goodbye to chunk unloading frustrations!



  • Chunk Loader Block: Activate chunk loading by interacting with the Chunky McChunkFace block.
  • Automatic Disable: If all players who interacted with the chunk loader are offline for a configurable period (default: 7 in-game days (140 minutes)), it automatically turns off.
  • Upgradeable Range: Expand the loaded area by building a pyramid of allowed blocks beneath the chunk loader. (Like you would with a beacon)
  • Configuration Options: Fine-tune settings such as base range, tier ranges, and offline time.
  • Radius Renderer: Toggle the radius renderer with a keybind to visualize the loaded chunks with a translucent box.
  • Location: When holding a Chunk Loader item, nearby chunk loaders will display an outline, providing a visual indication of their locations.



There's also features that were added with server moderation in mind.

  • List Chunk Loaders: Use the /chunkymcchunkface list <dimension> command to get a list of all chunk loaders in the specified dimension.
  • Active Chunk Loaders: Use the /chunkymcchunkface list active <dimension> subcommand to filter the list to show only active chunk loaders in the specified dimension.
  • Disable Chunk Loader: Use the /chunkymcchunkface disable <x> <y> <z> <dimension> command to disable a specific chunk loader at the given position in the specified dimension.
  • Disable All Chunk Loaders: Use the /chunkymcchunkface disableall <dimension> command to disable all chunk loaders in the specified dimension.


Keep your farms, buildings, and important areas continuously loaded with Chunky McChunkFace. Enjoy a seamless Minecraft experience even when you're away.