Chisels & Bits - For Forge

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Custom Fence Design

A Small pen for sheep created using the mod.

Custom roof and Stone Bit Path

Using the mod to create a stylized path of stones and a mild sloping roof.

Find the way to your buried treasure with custom clues.

The mod was used to create a custom sign that points toward the goal.

A Custom Welcome sign make from oak trees over a path.

Custom Sign created from oak logs and oak planks, the text is written in coal.

Create Stairs with other materials

Creating the wondrous smooth stone stairs.

Tables to keep your fancy creations on.

A custom table made of oak logs, planks, and stone.

Dressing up Quartz Pillars and Accents

Using Chisels to Give Pillars some depth and some gold Lines to some obsidian.

Custom Tall Torches

Create Fancy Mounts for torches/levers or other things, as long as there is a flat surface in the middle of the chiseled block you can place item frames, levers or torches on them.

Custom Windows and More!

Use Glass or Stained Glass to create Custom Windows, and other glass works.

Create Designs Using Compatiable Mod Blocks

Using Thaumcraft Blocks to create tables and floor pieces.

Custom Flooring with Various Materials

Flooring made of stone, sandstone and emerald.

A Custom Catwalk

A catwalk made of iron.

Creating the Chisels and Bits Logo

The logo was created with 3 types of wood, oak, spruce, and dark oak the darkest edge was done with coal. The tip was created with Prismarine and Dark Prismarine, Emerald and Diamond. it was checked against various backgrounds before picking Stone Brick.

Bricks made with Flat Colored Blocks

This is not generally recommended since it requires a good graphics card, however it demonstrates the flexibility.

Custom Light Sources.

Using glowstone bits to create a custom light source.

Custom Bridge

Created using vanilla materials, stone/planks/logs.

Custom Bridge (View 2)

Created using vanilla materials, stone/planks/logs.

Glowing Blocks to create Runes

Blocks are red glowing blocks from Flat Colored Blocks.

Stained Glass Style designs

Using Transparent Blocks from Flat Colored Blocks

Aztec Pillar Thing - By Rorax

Blocks Used: Polished Andesite, Cobblestone, Cyan Stained Clay, and Glowing Emerald from FCB.

Tower - by lightwolf41

Stained Glass - by lightwolf41

Top Windows - by lightwolf41

Clay Fountain - By Mezz

Using fluid bits to create a fountain.

Water Well - By idahodiscgolf

Gazebo - By idahodiscgolf

Workshop - By idahodiscgolf

Stairs, work in progress - By trlababalan