Welcome to Chaos Awakens!


Chaos Awakens is a mod that extends upon the current experience of Minecraft! Currently, Chaos Awakens adds bosses, armor sets, weapons, tools, dimensions, dungeons and more!

With that being said, our overall goal is to bring a crazy yet unique and fun experience into Minecraft. As of now, the mod is in a beta stage and is expanding with every update. Chaos Awakens is spiritually inspired by OreSpawn, and ideas from OreSpawn will be revamped, and zero assets (textures, models, animations, etc.) will be reused. It is important to note that we are not related to the OreSpawn mod creator or any other OreSpawn inspired mods. Everything created is our own work

As it stands, Chaos Awakens is W.I.P. so it is important to note that the mod is not yet complete, and many features are on their way very soon!

Why should you try Chaos Awakens?

As it stands, the mod has a lot of content, suitable for everyone! It contains:

  • Many different building blocks!
  • Powerful foes to fight!
  • Vast dimensions to explore!
  • Strong armor and weapons to fight with!
  • Unique boss fights to test your skills!
  • Adorable animals fit for a farm!

Mod Conflicts/Issues

As of, the mod does have some conflicts. Below is a list. 

  • Pekhui (Crash on startup)
  • Performant (Causes strange water physics, crashes)
  • ExpandAbility (Crash on startup)
  • Pollen (Crash on startup)

Required Dependencies

Geckolib (Forge 1.16.5)
(Due to some conflicts with Geckolib, use version 3.0.97)

AttributeFix (Forge 1.16.5) (Only for versions and below)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q. Where are the major bosses and other distinct features?

A. This mod is still early in development, so major additions, such as bosses will be implemented as updates get released later down the road.

Q. Will the mod be ported past 1.16.5?

A. Yes. After the 1.16.5 version of the mod is in a more polished and stable place, we will be porting forward to newer versions.

Q. Will this mod ever be ported to Fabric?

A. Probably, but the port won't be until the Forge version of this mod is either complete or almost complete.

Q. When is the next update?

A. There are no ETAs (estimated time of arrival) for updates. Mod updates will be released when they are ready.

Q. Isn't this mod just an OreSpawn port?

A. Not at all, Chaos Awakens is a Spiritual Successor to OreSpawn. This means that the mod's main concept revolves around OreSpawn content, but the mod itself remains its' own unique self. Features and additions are all subject to change at any given time, and every single asset is made by the Chaos Awakens development team!

Q. Will everything from OreSpawn return in Chaos Awakens?

A. Not everything will return from OreSpawn. Certain items and mobs, like the Boyfriends, Girlfriends, and Zookeeper Shards will not be returning. Alongside the not-returning content, the rest of the content will be reworked and made better than ever!

Q. Will there be a backport to 1.12?

A. Backports are planned, but are unlikely to happen before the mod is complete. Even then, Chaos Awakens will only be backported to major versions like 1.12.2 if they are relevant enough in the modding scene by the time mod is complete.

Q. Are you guys affiliated with the original OreSpawn in any way?

A. No, we just revolve around the original idea of OreSpawn. We are not affiliated with the original OreSpawn, its' creator, or any other ports/spiritual successors. The team behind Chaos Awakens is not the same team that made OreSpawn.

Other Important Links!

There are a few other important links you might want to see!

  • This is our website! You can read more on our mod, look at our GitHub, and/or join our Discord server!
  • Our Discord server is a place welcome for everyone to chat, keep up with mod updates, report bugs,and/or ask the developers questions!

We are an Official Partner with BisectHosting!
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