Carpenter's Blocks

15,379,144 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Little house

An example of how you can turn your house into your home


A sample of just what you can do with snow, grass, and cobwebs. Also, so much more!

I can't believe it's bed!

Now, you can make your bed your own. Sleep on a bed of ice at your own risk.

Over the threshold

Do you get bored with your plain old doors? Well, you won't any more. Trust me :)

Down the hatch

Made your perfect emergency roof entrance, but can't seal it off right? With Carpenter's Blocks, you can do whatever you'd like.

Push my buttons. I dare you.

No pressure, just pull on the blue lever.

Bringing nature to you

Want a little garden, but forgot to give yourself space for a layer of dirt? Well, we hear you.

Wall me off, Scotty

If you're like me, you don't like zombies. Especially the ones added by other mods. Let's hope they don't realize that they can just place a block...

Bring your neighbours

Hey, we're having flame-grilled pork tonight. Just make sure you close the gate behind you

Hungry Hungry Fences

Now, you get to choose how fat your fences become

Fancy Fancy Fences

You also get to make fancy fences and gates.