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Find the full changelog on GitHub

[3.0.6a - 1.14.4] - 2019-10-26

This will be the final alpha. The next version 3.1.0 will be part of a big system rewrite and template support being reintroduced. Keep an eye out as it's going to be a big one!


  • A new charging station Gui to clean up and make more sense of what was already there. (I'ts alo prettier)
    • We now show the burn time remaining on the fuel source
    • The FE (Forge Energy) stored in the block (with a pretty power indicator I might add)
    • A faded version of the a Gadget do signify where the Gadget slot is
    • A flame to indicate burn time like a normal Furnace as well to indicate
  • The Charging station now keeps it's charge when broken :+1:
  • The Charging Station now has a new texture for it's front when off and on
    • We also produce 14 levels of light, why 14? I don't know...


  • Charging station should now accept all modded fuel types and have no hard dependency to Vanilla burnable figures.
  • Charging station no longer loses it's power when unloaded (literal spelling mistake)
  • The Copy-Paste Gadget no longer selects Area's which are too large for a copy (which results in a misleading Copy-Render)
  • Copy-Paste and Building Gadget will no longer build higher then the World's max Build height
  • Effect block crashing servers when it fails to get it's faking block for what ever reason.
  • Fixed EffectBlock crashing and corrupting chunks when building whilst the Server is overloaded
  • The Charging station wouldn't show it's background
  • You can no longer get a construction block from a construction block. It'll now select the block that the construction block is mimicing
  • Construction blocks are now a lot easier to break


  • The Exchanger will now only exchange if the blocks it tries to select have a single visible face
    • This means that you'll no longer be exchanged blocks that are recessed into a wall, under a wall or generally places you wouldn't want the blocks to change.
  • The Exchanger can no longer exchange torches as it was causing a lot of placement issues we don't want to fix...
  • We're now on Forge 28.1.61 so this should resolve all forge related issues we've been seeing.
  • Completely rewrite the internal registration system for our blocks, items, etc.
  • The Black and Whitelists are now based on Tags
    • The Tags buildinggadgets:blacklist\<gadget>, buildinggadgets:whitelist\<gadget> allow you to use the full Power of vanilla's Tag System for this! :)
    • By default both exchanging and building Gadget whitelist contain buildinggadgets:blacklist\generic and buildinggadgets:whitelist\generic respectively. This is setup with the same default values the config used to have.
    • Notice that the exchanger has now Torches Blacklisted, as they allow for far to easy dupe of Items


  • If you where planning on using our new API, this is your one version notice to stop and add a hard dep on our main mods codebase. Due to bad planning and lots of other reasons we've opted to remove the API until we've got a better plan for it. Sorry.

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