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Uploaded Feb 11, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Java 8



* You can now specify NBT data for bounty objectives and rewards! See this page for details on how to customize bounties.

* Modpack makers: GameStages support has been added. You can now hide specific bounty objectives and rewards behind different stages. See this page for details on how to add stages to bounties.

* Bounties now have different artwork depending on it's rarity tier! (Thank you AkiShirai! He says it's placeholder art but it looks great!)

* Added a config option for whether or not bounty boards are dropped when broken (Default: true)

* You can now specify a min-max range for the amount given of individual rewards.

* Bounty rewards are now weighted, just like bounty objectives

* Experience is now given by default for turning in bounties (Can be customized in config)

* Added a few new default bounties which show off use of NBT data in bounties and rewards

* Holding shift while hovering over a bounty will now cycle through tooltips for each item-based objective and reward for the bounty. This is used to show you additional data about the item needed to complete the bounty.



* Updated ru_ru.lang (Thanks to kellixon)

* Updated zh_cn.lang (Thanks to RisingInIris2017)

* Bountiful now requires Forge `` - most people should be using this already.

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