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Born in Chaos is a mod that adds many new aggressive mobs with their own characteristics, it also adds a new boss, weapons and armor, decorative blocks, as well as new structures. Mod aims to diversify and complicate your survival by adding a variety of opponents that require a specific approach and tactics. With Born in Chaos, you will once again have a sense of fear of going out at night and exploring the dark caves, because now there will be dangers everywhere.
All mobs and structures spawn in all other biomes from other mods.
Born in Chaos is also compatible with the Better Combat mod. This modification will make the combat system with new weapons more dynamic.
Mod made with MCreator.
To disable mobs and structures, the game rules are used before the creation of the world or with the help of the command /gamerule in the game itself.
Also, for configuration, you can try using mods such as Born In Configuration, Bad MobsIn Control or Spawn Balance Utility
 Having Optifine installed may result in the armor not being visually displayed on you.







Mod requires GeckoLib to work. If you encounter problems with animations, disable entity shadows in shaders.
Mod adds a lot of new mobs. Everyone differs in their level of threat and danger. Monsters are classified into types such as undead, spirits, arthropods, and monsters without a special type. All mobs spawn in specific biome types, making them compatible with any mod that adds new biomes.
Decrepit Skeleton
A decrepit version of a normal skeleton. Can only attack in melee. It does not differ in special properties and is a rather weak opponent.
Skeleton Demoman
Almost everything is similar to Decrepit Skeleton. However, it does not burn in the sun and, when health drops to a certain limit, it starts detonating before the explosion, at this time it does not move and you have the opportunity to kill it before the explosion or manage to run away from it. 
Decaying Zombie
It behaves like a normal zombie. This mob's attacks inflict Hunger and Rotten Stink on the victim. When the zombie is low on health, its flesh falls off, revealing a decrepit skeleton (turns into Decrepit Skeleton).
Baby Skeleton
Children's version of the skeleton. Runs pretty fast, but doesn't pose much of a threat on its own. Often serves as a servant of more powerful monsters.
Bone Imp
It is an enhanced version of the Baby Skeleton, found primarily in the Nether, immune to fire.


Siamese Skeletons
In many ways they are similar to the Baby Skeleton, but at less than half health they are divided into two separate skeletons. Drops Fused Bone upon death.
Barrel Zombie
A zombie stuck in a barrel is found primarily near water bodies, unlike ordinary zombies, it does not drown, and also has protection from the sun. Has increased armor. A wide variety of items can fall out of this monster, as well as complete garbage, as well as extremely rare and valuable things.
Door Knight
A zombie that uses everything that comes to hand as its equipment. The monster has protection from sunlight, increased armor, and is also able to block your attacks, which will be accompanied by a special sound. To deprive a mob of the ability to block attacks, you need to set it on fire or make an attack with an ax.
Zombie Clown
Slow and rather dense enemy. Attacking smashes an Intoxicating Brew on the enemy, which slows down the victim and also causes a short-term poisoning and dizziness in her.


Zombie Fisherman
Appears near bodies of water. Does not burn in the sun, hiding behind a hat, attacks the player with rotten fish, causing a long-lasting Rotten Stink effect. Has the highest chance of summoning maggots after death.
Zombie Lumberjack
In many ways it is similar to a regular zombie, but is armed with a special ax that can instantly break a vanilla wooden shield, and also has high damage. After death, he has a chance to drop his axe.
A zombie infected with flies, which has become a living nest for them. No longer burns in the sun. This zombie's attacks will cause hunger and Rotten Stink. When receiving damage, it will periodically summon a Corpse Fly. After death, it explodes, releasing a swarm of Flies, Maggots and sometimes Bloody Gadflies.


Zombie Bruiser
A dangerous type of zombie, with a decent amount of health, and also quite agile for its size. The attack knocks the player back and briefly stuns them.
Skeleton Thrasher
A formidable, but slow enemy. It has increased armor, is able to block the player’s attacks like Door Knight.To deprive a mob of the ability to block attacks, you need to set it on fire or make an attack with an ax. Skeleton attacks, in addition to high damage, strongly repel the enemy, and also briefly stun making it impossible to move and attack.
Spirit Guide
Found in dry and hot biomes. Does not burn in the sun due to the hat. The attacks of the monster impose the effect of Magic Depletion, and during the battle it can also call on its helpers. Is both an undead and a spirit at the same time.
The skeleton uses a magic staff as a weapon, attacking from a distance and trying to keep the player away from him. During the battle, he can call on several Baby Skeleton to help. You can disable a skeleton's ability to summon minions if you can set it on fire or apply a magical drain effect to it.
Supreme Bonescaller
Is a mini boss. Its abilities are similar to the regular Bonescaller, however, it is surrounded by a bone shield that protects it from ranged weapons, and instead of Baby Skeleton it calls Bone Imp to help. After the shield is destroyed, it becomes vulnerable to ranged weapons, but at the same time it becomes stronger and summons more minions. Found at the top of the dark tower.
Fallen Chaos Knight

Despite the notably shabby body, it remains an extremely dangerous adversary. Have a high rate of armor as well as a high speed of movement, protection from arrows and sunlight. In addition, places a Cursed Mark on the attacked victim. When the mark expires, up to four Scarlet Persecutors will spawn around the Curs


A new type of mob, most spirits disappear in direct sunlight.
Spirits also now include mobs such as blaze, ghast, phantom, vex, allay.
Restless Spirit
Flying spirit. Each attack of this mob will shackle and slow down the movement of the victim. When exposed to direct sunlight, the spirit will disappear.
Phantom Creeper
In behavior, it is completely similar to the usual Creeper, however, if you hit it somehow, it will immediately split into two copies of itself. The monster is not capable of dividing into copies more than once. You can meet you in the Warped Forest and also in the End.
Pumpkin Spirit
Neutral mob, by itself can be found on a small farm, like an iron golem attacks all monsters defending the territory. Extremely vulnerable to fire, as soon as he comes into contact with fire, he will be curbed by the spirit of the flame, after which he will turn into Seared Spirit.
You can make your own scarecrow. To do this, build a structure out of two dark oak logs, a block of hay, and a carved pumpkin, then right-click on the pumpkin with the Ethereal Spirit item.

Seared Spirit
A scarecrow on fire, aggressive towards the player. Spirit attacks set the victim on fire. The monster takes damage while in water or rain, and is immune to fire damage. You can heal him by right-clicking with a Transmuting Elixir in your hand, this will turn him into an Infernal Spirit.
Dark Vortex
The spirit disappearing under the sun's rays. Shoots a magical projectile that blinds the player. Capable of reflecting projectiles flying at it. After death, he can drop a dark rod necessary for crafting a bone handle.
Scarlet Persecutors
The spirit comes to those who are marked with the cursed mark. Chases the player at a great distance (150 blocks). Able to fly and make sharp attacks towards the player. Spirits only appear when the Cursed Mark expires. If you have been cursed try to hide in a narrow space so the spirits cannot appear.
Nightmare Stalker

An extremely dangerous spirit. Appears starting from the third night of the game so that the player has time to prepare for the meeting with him. The beginning of the Stalker's spawn is accompanied by a characteristic sound and a message in the chat. Appears completely invisible, and all you can see are two glowing eyes. While the Stalker is in invisibility, he moves much faster, and when he receives damage, he loses invisibility. The Nightmare Stalker notices the player from a great distance (up to 70 blocks), immediately starting to stalk its victim. When attacking a victim, the stalker produces a piercing scream and casts a Gaze of Terror on it, this effect causes blindness in the target of the stalker, plunging him into complete darkness, and also gradually steals vital forces, thereby healing the stalker. While under the effect of Gaze of Terror, you will also be unable to use some magic items. The longer you survive in the world, the stronger the stalker becomes, gaining maximum strength starting from day 100.


The mini-boss spirit appears only starting from the tenth day of the game. Always appears with two Zombie Villagers. It fights by firing magical projectiles at the player, and when it hits the target, it summons an evocation fang under the victim's feet. At the beginning of the battle, it can cause rain. When receiving damage, it periodically teleports and after a couple of seconds summons random undead. The ability to teleport and summon can be blocked by the effect of Magic Depletion, or attacks from the Nightmare Scythe. Can drop random charms after death.
Mr. Pumpkin
Rather slow and weak spirit. Appears naturally only from October 25 to November 5, and also comes to the aid of Ser Pumpkinhead during the battle.
Sir Pumpkinhead
Mini Boss appears in your world only from October 25 to November 5 in honor of Halloween, or you can summon him by destroying a special pumpkin surrounded by candles that you can meet in the world. The boss has 3 main phases: in the first, he rides on his horse, attacking you in melee, inflicting a bundle of the soul (this effect slows you down and deals damage after the expiration), also periodically teleports and calls on Mr. Pumpkin; In the second, the Pumpkinhead separates from the horse and while the horse attacks you in the vicinity, pushing away from the owner, the rider himself shoots at you with explosive pumpkins, still teleporting and calling for pumpkins; In the third, the boss detaches his head from the body and while the body fights you with a soul bundle, the head shoots and teleports. Your final target is the head. As a reward, you will receive a guaranteed Pumpkin Staff, and you can also get holiday sweets, a Soul Saber with random enchantments, as well as a new unique music disc.


Lord Pumpkinhead
He is a strengthened version of Sir Pumpkinhead, as well as a full-fledged boss. In order to summon it, right-click on the Infernal Evil Pumpkin (no matter whether created or found) using Transmuting Elixir. Lord Pumpkinhead is a late game boss and requires maximum equipment or good resourcefulness to fight him.
Like the regular version, it has 3 stages. The first stage is on horseback. Each attack of the lord in the first stage causes the effect of Soul Stratification (slows you down while it is active, and at the end of the action it deals damage to you and removes all other effects from you), as well as Infernal Flame (a new effect under the influence of which you will burn from the inside, receiving 3 units damage every 2 seconds, fire cannot be put out with water, however it will not deal damage if you are protected from fire). When Pumpkinhead's health drops below half, his attacks will inflict the Living Bomb curse instead of Soul Stratification (the Living Bomb effect works similarly to Soul Stratification but explodes you at the end of the action). Also, during the first stage, the Lord will periodically teleport in a random direction, leaving behind two Senior Pumpkins (a strengthened version of Mr. Pumpkin) or a Pumpkin Bomb that will explode in a second, causing the effect of infernal fire on everyone around. During the second stage, Lord Pumpkinhead dismounts from his horse and goes into ranged combat, shooting from his Pistol; the horse, in turn, will attack you at close range, pushing you away, also stunning you with each of its attacks. Pumpkinhead's shots will set the target on fire with Infernal Fire. Also, the lord will still teleport in a random direction, leaving behind Senior Pumpkin and Pumpkin Bombs. In the third stage, his head connects from his body, continuing to shoot at you at a faster rate, while his body attacks you at close range, causing the same attack effects as in the first stage. The head will constantly teleport leaving behind pumpkin bombs. By killing the head you win this fight. As a reward you will receive: Soulbane, Pumpkin Pistol, Magical Holiday Candy, and also with a 50% chance Lord Pumpkinhead's Lamp.
Corpse maggot
Does not spawn naturally and now appears when zombies die, both vanilla and from the mod. The chance and number of maggots to appear when a zombie dies depends on the type of zombie. The maggots themselves are quite weak and slow, but can take you by surprise. You can disable their appearance using the game rule Maggots Appearance.


Corpse fly

A rather weak mob, but it can overwhelm you with its numbers. Appears in any overworld biome. Despite the wings, she is not able to fly above a block, but she is able to soar. In addition to the player, it attacks the Decaying Zombie. Hitting a zombie infects it, and if it is not killed, it will turn into a Swarmer.


Bloody Gadfly

In many ways it is similar to a corpse fly, but much stronger. Appears near bodies of water. His attack inflicts Myiasis on the player, a new effect in which the player will receive periodic damage until his health level is below 17 units; at the end of the effect, the maggot will disappear from the player; you can get rid of the effect by entering the water.


A fiery arthropod found in the nether and near firewells. The bite of the bug sets the victim on fire, and the mob itself is immune to fire. Firelight intentionally attacks Pumpkin Spirit to corrupt. Sets the ground on fire at the place of his death.
Diamond Termite
Now in your world, in addition to the usual diamond ore, an infected one will come across, once you destroy it, termites will come out of the nearest ore. Termites have increased armor and their bites inflict fatigue.The appearance of infected diamonds can be disabled when creating a world. (infected diamond ore does not replace normal diamond ore in any way).

Thornshell Crab

Neutral animal, spawns in coastal biomes. It has high defense, and will also inflict retaliatory damage to everyone who hits him (regardless of whether it is a close or ranged fight). This Crab is a scavenger and you can feed it rotten fish or rotten flesh, for this you will receive bone meal, as well as sometimes a Spiny Shell.


Corpse Fish

An aggressive fish that will appear in all aquatic biomes. By itself, it is not very strong, but a school of such fish can pose a great threat; with their high swimming speed, it will be quite difficult to swim away from them. In addition to the player, the Drowned are also attacked.


Glutton Fish

A huge fish that can be found in all types of oceans. It attacks almost everyone it encounters in the water, except for certain aggressive mobs. Its attacks break bones and cause high damage, which is why meeting this fish without armor can be critical. You can make the battle with it easier by blocking its attack with a shield, after which the fish will be temporarily disorientated, giving you the opportunity to attack.


Dread Hound
They appear in small flocks. They hunt most types of skeletons, and are also aggressive towards the player, however, if you have not attacked them, then the hounds can be appeased by giving them a bone or a stab skull by pressing RMB, the appeased hound will not attack you until a certain time has passed, if you hit her, she will start attacking you again. You can also meet hounds in small packs in the desert near gnawed bones, such hounds do not disappear until you kill them.
Dire Hound Leader
Rare in the world, always accompanied by two Dire Hounds. They hunt most types of skeletons, and are also aggressive towards the player, but like normal hounds, even he can be appeased with a bone if he is not attacked. His attacks grind bones (Bone Break effect - slows and weakens the target. Disappears when there is a regeneration effect.). During combat, periodically summons Dire Hounds. It drops fangs to create a couple of new items.



You can now smoke rotten flesh in the smokehouse, such flesh will not inflict hunger when eaten.
The ability to use rotten flesh as compost has also been added.
Bottle Of Magical Energy
A special drink that allows you to remove the effect of weakness and Magic Depletion from you.
Dark Metal

New resource. It is obtained mainly in small pieces from new mobs or in treasure chests as a rare loot. To make an ingot, you need to smelt Pile of Dark Metal in a smelting furnace. Used to create new weapons and to enhance Netherite armor.
Fel Lamp
Drops with a 30% chance from Sir Pumpkinhead. Allows you to summon the Felsteed by right-clicking on a block. You can ride a Felsteed, and you can also increase its movement speed by feeding it Ethereal Spirit. The Felsteed can always be returned to the lamp by pressing Shift right-click with an empty lamp in your hands.
Monster Flesh
A new source of food that poisons when eaten, but no longer causes negative effects when smoked. Leaves a bone after being eaten. Also, the flesh of the monster can be used as a weak but infinite weapon.


Glutton Fish Eye
You can eat it at any time and completely restore your oxygen level. Can also be used to prepare a long-lasting potion of water breathing (for 8 minutes)
Glutton Fish Stomach
You can rip it open by pressing RMB while holding it in your hand to get its contents; sometimes there are quite valuable things there.


River Mint
A new plant that grows near water bodies.


Mint Candy
You can eat it at any time and remove the Rotten Stink effect and also Hunger.
Mint Ice Cream
When eaten, it can extinguish you from burning, including from Infernal Fire.


Potion of Rampage

An expensive potion to create that grants a rampage effect, with each repeated use of the rampage effect increasing up to 5 times. In combination with the Reaper's Axe, you can bring yourself to the fifth level of rampage, thereby extending the maximum effect with just one potion.
Transmuting Elixir
A difficult to create item that will allow you to transform specific mobs and blocks into something else by right-clicking on the target. The main use is to transform the Evil Infernal Pumpkin into Lord Pumpkinhead. The Elixir also has many other uses, but the most useful of them are: transform an Iron Block into a Dark Metal Block; Block of Raw Gold in Ancient Debris; Amethyst Block to Diamond Block. You can also use it to turn the Scorched Spirit into an Infernal Spirit, which will return control of itself to it and make it stronger and protected from fire.


 Added new types of bone blocks.
Black Argillite
New rock spawns at a depth of 17 to -17 height for 1.18 and 17 to 1 height for 1.16. Used to create many decorative blocks.
Color Stained Glass
Scorched Log
New type of wood. Created by combining any standard logs and Fire Light Dust. Planks can be made brittle by right-clicking them with an axe. These boards will break when stepped on.
Staff of Magic Arrows
A fairly simple magic staff that does not require ammunition and shoots magic arrows, has an average damage rate and good knockback, and can also be used as a weak melee weapon. The staff can also be used in a spare hand, allowing you to simultaneously fight both up close and shoot from a distance.
Bonescaller Staff

Allows you to summon two Baby Skeletons by right-clicking on a block, which will uncontrollably attack all monsters they see, the skeletons disappear after a minute after being summoned. After using the staff, the effect of magical exhaustion will be imposed on you, which does not allow you to use the summon again, after the magical exhaustion passes, you can use the staff again.
Pumpkin Staff
Requires pumpkin seeds for shooting, has a 35% chance of not wasting pumpkin seeds when shooting. Shoots pumpkins that explode when they hit an enemy (the explosion does not break blocks). When it hits a block, it calls for Mr. Pumpkin to help you, which, albeit a rather slow companion, can deprive the monsters of using some magical abilities, and thus deprive the monsters of the ability to block. The pumpkin will disappear in 2 minutes. You will not be able to summon Pumpkin while you have Magic Drain. The staff can only be obtained by killing Ser Pumpkinhead.


Pumpkin Pistol
Requires pumpkin seeds for shooting. A magical ranged weapon that does not require ammo. Hitting a projectile from this weapon will cause a small explosion and apply the Infernal Fire effect to the target. Wearing a full set of Nightmare Armor reduces the cooldown and increases the duration of the ignition.


Intoxicating Bomb

Throwing explosive projectile. The explosion does not destroy blocks but can destroy loot. A direct hit on the target will inflict the effect of intoxication on the target.
Death Totem

Similar to the totem of immortality, it saves you from lethal damage, while quickly healing you and granting you temporary strength, however, it almost completely deprives you of satiety and saturation and imposes the effect of magical exhaustion. While you are affected by magical exhaustion, Death Totem will not work.
Nightmare Scythe
Melee weapon with low attack speed. Each attack with this weapon works like a Nightmare Stalker attack, inflicting Blind, Magic Drain, and Wither on the target, and heals the wearer. Extremely effective against Bonescaller as it prevents him from summoning minions.
Great Reaper Axe

Battle ax. Every time you kill with his opponent, you go into a short-term rampage, which increases your speed and damage. For each consecutive kill while under the effect of rampage, the effect will increase, reaching the maximum level of rampage, subsequent kills will extend the effect and heal you slightly.
Dark Ritual Dagger

Fast melee weapon. By pressing RMB, you can sacrifice a summoned minion or animals such as sheep, pig, cow and chicken, which will heal you, depending on the victim, the strength of the healing depends.
Intoxicating Dagger
Inflicts Intoxicating Poison on the enemy. Which slows down, causes short-term poisoning and nausea in the target. Ineffective against undead.
Soul Saber

Imposes a special Soul Stratification effect on the victim, which slows the target, and upon completion of the action, deals damage depending on the victim’s current health (the higher the health, the higher the damage), and also dispels all other effects from the target.


A powerful weapon whose attacks apply the effect of Soul Stratification, as well as Infernal Fire.Wearing a full set of Nightmare Armor reduces the time between soul cleave effects.
Skullbreaker Hammer
Heavy hammer. Each attack successfully made while jumping or while in the air will push the opponent away, as well as briefly stun.
Dark Warblade
A heavy two-handed sword that can only be used while under the effect of Strength (otherwise you will be slowed and weakened). Deals high damage and also applies the effect of breaking a bone on the victim. Sword attacks remove the regeneration effect from the target and prevent attacks from mobs such as Door Knight and Skeleton Thresher from blocking attacks.
Sharpened Dark Metal Sword

Has increased damage to undead.
Spiritual Sword

It has increased damage to spirits.
Rarely dropped by the Door Knight. It has no special properties, but with a Better Combat mod it has a special type of attack.
Hound Trap
A trap that deals high damage to anyone who steps on it, as well as immobilizing the target for a short time and inflicting a bone fracture effect. The trap deals half as much damage to players as well as increased damage to undead and animals. The Hound Trap can be pre-activated by throwing any item at it (in this case, the item will be destroyed) or by hitting it with a projectile.


Spiny Shell Trap
A new type of trap that can be placed on land or underwater. Deals periodic damage to everyone who steps on it, the same type of damage as cactus spines, so entities protected from this type of damage will not receive damage from the trap. The spikes also slow down the target a little and prevent them from jumping out. When wearing a full set of spiny shell armor, the player will not take damage.


Shell Mace
Deals increased damage to the target if it and you are in water or in the rain. Damage dealt is pure and is not reduced by armor.


Spiny Shell Armor
A new type of armor consisting of a helmet and a breastplate. When wearing at least one piece of armor, it will deal retaliatory damage to any enemy who hits you. When wearing one piece of armor, the retaliatory damage is 2, when wearing a full set it is 4. The armor is also combined with the Thorns enchantment, which increases the retaliatory damage dealt up to 10 damage when both pieces of armor are enchanted. Also, with a full set of armor, you do not receive damage from the Spiny Shell Trap and retaliatory strikes from the Thornshell Crab.
Nightmare Armor
A new type of armor, created from the skin of a monster, dark metal and the skull of a Nightmare Stalker. The mask has the property that while you are in the dark you move faster, and when wearing a full set of armor you will receive a bonus to all dark magical items and weapons.
When wearing a full set of Nightmare Armor, you gain the following bonuses:
  • You gain a resistance effect while under the effect of Magic Depletion.
  • Reduces the delay between shots for the Staff of Magic Arrows and Pumpkin Staff, and slightly increases the explosion power of the pumpkin staff.
  • Increases the power of lifesteal from Nightmare Scythe attacks (increases damage over time and healing).
  • Reduces the duration of Soul Cleave from Soul Saber from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Increases the strength and duration of effects after sacrificing with a dark ritual dagger.
  • Bonescaller's Staff summons 3 skeletons instead of 2.
  • Triggering the Death Totem will not deprive you of the entire satiety bar.
  • Decreases the time between Soul Cleave effects from 8 to 6 for Soulbane.
  • Increases the rate of fire of the Pumpkin Pistol and increases the burn duration of Infernal Fire.


Dark Metal Armor 

Crafted by combining Netherite Armor and Armor Plate From Dark Metal (For version 1.20.1 you also need the Blacksmithing Template of the Dark Metal upgrade), on a forge table. In addition to increased stats, it has the property of a full set of armor, which makes you immune to withering, and when your health is low, you go on a rampage.