An addon for Blood Magic that provides more integration with Tinker's Construct.


1.16+ Features

Fluid Demonic Will

Demonic will is now a fluid and can easily be extracted from tartaric gems by right clicking on a tank or inserted into them by pouring will fluid on them in a casting table.

Demonic will can also be alloyed with blood to make life essence or liquid glass to make soul sand.


Blood-Seared Stone / New Tool Material Blood-Rune

Blood-Seared stone can be alloyed from seared stone and life essence and casted into blank runes or blank slates.

It can also be turned into a new tool material Blood-Rune, which has the modifier bloodstained.


Bloodstained Tool Modifier

Tools/weapons with the bloodstained modfier repair themselves using LP from your soul network, costing less life essence the higher level they have.


New Tool Material Bloodbrass

New alloy bloodbrass, created either by alloying molten copper and life essence or created in a tier 2 blood altar.

Tools made from bloodbrass have the exsanguinate modifier.


Exsanguinate Tool Modifier

Tools/weapons with the exsanguinate modifier add LP to your soul network whenever you slay a monster.

Adding a higher amount the higher level the tool and the higher base health the monster has.


Sentient Tinkers Tools

New modifier Sentience, added by applying a Tartaric Gem to your tool, makes your tool act like the sentient sword/pickaxe.

Making slain monsters drop demon will and powering up based on the amount and type of demon will you posses.


Divination Rune On Your Tool

New modifier Divination, by adding a Divination Rune or Seer's Rune to your tool, you can make it behave like the added rune, saving on inventory space and being more convenient when combined with the new materials.


Native support for Thermal Expansion and Create. With more support on the way.



1.12 requires requires Atlas Lib.

It includes most of the features of the 1.16+ version minus the new modifiers and tool materials.

For similar materials I'd recommend installing Tinkering with Blood Magic.

Has support for Tinkers Complement, Blood Arsenal and Thermal Expansion, as well as limited support for Mekanism and Ender IO when Blood Arsenal is installed.