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This mod was created to revive the blockling again, it is approved by the official creator 
of the blockling mod 1.12.2, it will not be the same experience but at least I try to give
you a more fun in this revival of the mod
The blockling were created by humans, to calm the little ones in the great war they had, but a
mistake and a lot of intelligence made them reveal themselves, currently they are harmless
and they just like to eat apples
Blockling Pet:
When feeding apples to a blockling, there is a high probability that you can tame it, hitting
you and if they attack you or someone they will defend you with their skills, to cure them
make them eat apples and if you want them not to follow you, tie them to a rope

Steve in an investigation was able to achieve that the blockling mutate with a mineral called bluestone, making their bodies increase in size, are stronger and can be ridden, they stop eating apple and now eat iron and do not follow you, it is like their a artificial adult version


Bored Steve realized that he can change the appearance of blockling thanks to some orbs that you can craft, I think in the future he will continue to make more orbs for new crafting
Music Discs:
Not much is known where these songs came from, what is known is that it may be at the time that humans still dominated the world, the strange thing is that to get them a blockling is needed as a sacrifice

not much is known about this mineral, apparently it is a minor version of redstone, at least it can be mutated to blockling in blockguards with this, is in layer 34-1
this mineral is very rare, it is minced with a netherite pickaxe, there are rumors that each piece of armor gives you infinite power, they are found in layer 10-1


updates for more blocklings, in the future!

Update 4.5:
-60 Blocklings for category minecraft
-30 Blocklings for category texture pack
-120 Blocklings for category Mods
-10 Blocklings for category olds textures
-New Category: (Blockguards)
-2 Orbs news

-New Mineral (Atacamite)

-New Mineral (Bluestone)
-New Armor , Weapons , Food and Blocks

-New Blockling Noob Roblox for category Minecraft Mods
-New Blockling ability: Defend!


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