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Mod is inspired by and takes aspects from the "Bleach" franchise created by Tite Kubo.
Mod is an updated version of the 1.7.2 MC version released by LittleBreadLoaf and his team.
The mod will continue to be updated as well.

The mod has several stable releases on 1.7.10 and 1.12.2.

There are plans to port up to 1.16.5 and beyond at some point. No timeline has been created for this though. A basic roadmap exists in my discord.

The mod has changed a fair amount since taking over from LittleBreadLoaf however there are some features that are retained so that the essence and spirit of the mod remains.
Since taking over the Hollow faction has been massively upgraded with full evolution up to Arrancar.
Shikai has been updated a little with many more changes to come along with Bankai being more than just an upgraded Shikai.
Quincies have been mroe features including a primitive Volstandig.

The biggest changes lie with the player stats, I have changed the whole system to follow a new stat based system accessible from a button. Several new armours, blocks, items and even new Hollows have been added, hopefully providing a more varied and expansive playthrough. The Hueco Mundo dimension has also recieved a little love and is available to access and plans to improve alongside the eventual addition of the Soul Society Dimension. Remember this mod is to bring the spirit of Bleach to Minecraft and not a 1 to 1 duplication of the anime. There will be some references however a specific characters abilities are not guaranteed.
Read the in-game guide either from creative or from the top of the Bleach stats menu.


- Press B to open Bleach Stats & for guide.

- Read the ingame guides for most info.

- Bankai is just a power boost.

- Resurrecion for Arrancar has been added but basic.
- Mod is still heavy WIP regardless of what happens.


Disclaimer : I do not own Bleach, I have only updated a mod that is made around that franchise.

For your information :
- Continued from LBL with permission and source code from him directly.
- Many features are still being planned out.
- Bleach Discord server link :
- Somethings are the same from LBL's release but theres lots new things too.