Biospheres Mod

12,307 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 12, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Biospheres Mod! [WE ARE BACK]

(Requires Minecraft 1.7.x with the latest appropriate version of Forge Installed, just put this in your "Mods" folder.
Tested with MC 1.7.2 / Forge 1147, and MC 1.7.10 / Forge 1291 -- with JRE 7u76 for Windows, 64-bit.)

It's a port/update of Risugami's original Biosphere Mod for Minecraft 1.6.x. I fixed a lot of random stuff in here, and made a lot of random updates/restructures as well and even added a few things.

This is probably the most obvious change: the ore orbs are covered in glass, they have a lot more ore in them than before, and they're placed randomly now too. And while it's still pretty damn hazardous to get to/from them, it's also about one million percent more feasible with the new janky, randomly half-missing stairways. Another hazard that's been added for shits and giggles is the random blocks of lava you'll find in them.
(Note: the density of the ore, and the presence of the stairways are configurable.)

This is probably the next biggest win: I've updated the configuration / properties to the mod to be editable from within Minecraft (under the mods menu), a lot of the settings are different than before. Of important note: changes to the settings only affect NEW WORLDS that you create (yes you can click an existing world and select "re-create", a restart is not required). -- If you're having trouble understanding something, hover over the option and wait for the hover text to pop-up, it should explain how to use each property.


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