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Better Animals Plus seeks to bring new life and creatures to your worlds, all with a unique flair and aesthetic compared to other mods of the same category. The mod adds over 35 animals, and is constantly growing. We add not only animals but a variety of content, from blocks to armor, supplementing the creatures in the mod.


Better Animals Plus is envisioned as a companion mod to Better Animal Models, but can fully work on its own.


You might also want to check out our other mod, Whisperwoods, a spooky forest-themed mod adding creepy creatures that fit in with the Better Animals Plus aesthetic.


Better Animals Plus is available for both Forge and Fabric, thanks to Architectury.


Architectury must be installed for the mod to function.
(only for mod version 11.0.0 and higher)


Download Architectury Here: Architectury Download



Check out this video by Smithy MC reviewing version 1.16.4-10.1.0:

Check out this video from Ulandos on the mod (version 5.0.1)! Featuring us, the developers!


Here's Another video from Ulandos, covering versions 6.0.0 and 7.0.0! Featuring us, the developers!


Here's a very long review with Ulandos again of newer content for 8.0.0 to 10.1.0, featuring all of us (the devs) as well!


Additional Information

Join for discussion, alpha builds, and showcases of new content!

Also visit our website: https://betteranimalsplus.com/


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions.

Can I/How can I tame the animals?

Here is a list of tameable mobs and how to tame them

Lammergeier: Bone (anytime)

Coyote: Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Raw Pheasant, Cooked Rabbit, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Pheasant (during daytime)

Fox (1.12 only): Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Raw Pheasant, Cooked Rabbit, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Pheasant (anytime)

Feral Wolf: Bone (anytime, must be wearing an Ender Dragon head or
a Hirschgeist Skull before 1.15 or with Whisperwoods installed)

Goat: The goat is not tameable in the traditional sense (attacking it will cause it to retaliate!) but feeding it any sort of animal foods (wheat, carrots, apples, etc.) will cause it to become "friends" with you and protect you if you are attacked.

Octopus: Same "friend" mechanic as goat. Any fish will work.

Will you make [animal] tameable?

No. If a mob is not already tamable upon release it will not be made as such later. Don't ask. This also includes turning animals into mounts.

Can I use this mod in a pack?

Yes, so long as it is hosted on CurseForge or private. If you wish to publicly host a pack on another platform (like Technic), please ask or consider using CurseForge as it supports developers.

How do I craft (insert item)?

Use the mod "Just Enough Items" to view recipes in game. They will not be documented here.

Where can I find the configs?

1.12: (minecraft folder)/configs/betteranimalsplus.cfg
1.14+ (Spawning/Server): saves/(world)/serverconfigs/(modid)-server.(toml/json5)
1.14+ (Dedicated Server): /world/serverconfigs/(modid)-server.(toml/json5)
1.14+ (Client): (minecraft folder)/configs/(modid)-client.(toml/json5)

Is this mod compatible with (Insert biomes mod here)?

Yes, so long as the mod uses the Biome Dictionary provided by Forge. This includes Biomes O' Plenty and Traverse, as well as many other biome mods.

Can I use this mod with (insert other animal-related mod here)?

Yes, don't expect BAP to have any special features for this mod though.

How do I disable (insert mob/animal here) from spawning in my world?

Use the configs, you can see where to find them in "Where can I find the configs?" above. Switch "spawn_naturally" (formerly "do_spawning") to false in order to disable spawning. You can also adjust weight and what biomes they spawn in.

How can I set a default / automatically place a server configuration in 1.14+ because new worlds don't have my configuration?

Placing (modid)-server.(toml/json5) in the defaultconfigs folder will make it automatically be copied into new saves.

Will you port to [insert a very old version of Minecraft?]


What tools do you guys use to make the mod?

Art: Blockbench for models, PAINT.NET for textures
Programming: IDE - IntelliJ, Language - Java, Version Control - Git + GitHub
Design/Organization: Trello

Will you add [new content] to [old version][i.e., 1.12.2.]?

No, we have finished 1.12.2. Sparing possible critical bug fixes, it will not get any new content or minor tweaks/fixes. Any new mobs or other features will not come to it. See below for the final updates for specific versions:
1.12.2: 9.0.0
1.14.4: 10.0.0
1.15.2: 10.2.0

What mod loader is this mod for?

The mod is built for Forge and Fabric, using Architectury.

Is there a Fabric version?




Legal Statements

These are legally required statements regarding software used by the mod.

Cardinal Components API

Better Animals Plus depends on and includes Cardinal Components API, a modular data component API, which is licensed under the MIT License.

Cardinal Components API is Copyright OnyxStudios.



Better Animals Plus depends on and includes IMDLib, an entity management and configuration library, which is licensed under the MIT License.

IMDLib is Copyright itsmeow.



Better Animals Plus and IMDLib depend on and include Fiber, a Fabric configuration library, which is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Fiber is Copyright FabLabsMC. No modifications were made to the original source.



Better Animals Plus, IMDLib, and Fiber include Jankson, an HJSON parser and processor, which is licensed under the MIT License

Jankson is Copyright Falkreon.



cybercat5555 - Lead Artist

Art, Modeling, Texturing, Design


its_meow - Programmer

Programming, AI, Functionality




Wolverbyte - Artist

Art, Modeling, Texturing, Assist Design



The assets (textures, models) in Better Animals Plus are reserved to Cybercat5555, and cannot be reused or recreated without permission, unless within fair use. The source and binaries (jars) are licensed under the CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 IPL (see "License" above).



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