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No shaders


Better Foliage needs Java 8 or later

BF for Forge 1.10 and 1.12 requires Forgelin

BF for Forge 1.14 requires Kottle and MixinBootstrap

BF for Forge 1.15 requires Kottle and Forge 31.2.44+

BF for Forge 1.16 requires Kotlin For Forge

BF versions for Forge 1.14 and above need Cloth Config to access the config GUI (optional)

BF for Fabric requires Fabric API and Fabric Language Kotlin



Better Foliage is a mod that will make your Minecraft worlds more impressive, mainly by improving how vegetation looks. It strives to be compatible with other visual enhancement mods (Optifine, Shaders Mod, etc.)

The mod is 100% cosmetic and client-only. It has no effect on the server, and Better Foliage features in the world can not be interacted with.

If you want to see what Better Foliage has to offer, check out the Features.

If you find a bug, please report it at the Issue Tracker.


You can open the configuration GUI for the mod from your mod list (accessible from the main menu). If you're using Forge and MC 1.14+, you also need Cloth Config for this. Under Fabric, this is already bundled with the mod.


The mod has both Forge and Fabric versions since Minecraft 1.14. To make downloading easier, they are tagged differently: Forge is Release, while Fabric is Beta.


Currently not compatible with Sodium, and compatible with Optifine only under Forge. Solving these issues is on the long-term roadmap.


License & Modpacks

Source code for Better Foliage is provided under the MIT License. You may freely use and distribute Better Foliage as part of a public or private modpack. If you do, providing a link to this page is a welcome courtesy, but not required.