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(Don't worry though, this mod page will not be deleted)

Do you wish Mojang added Azalea wood to 1.17? Are you in need of new natural decor? Better Azalea aims to fix that by adding a unique Azalea wood type and new moss decoration blocks!

📖 Features

  • New Azalea logs and Flowering Azalea logs, which replace the oak wood on the vanilla azalea tree. They can be crafted into planks, which are used to craft the other wood decoration blocks. It matches perfectly with the moss and lush cave biome.
  • A beautiful azalea flower, which can be obtained by using shears on flowering azalea leaves, bushes, or logs. 
  • Moss layers: Ever wish the moss carpets were stackable like snow layers? Well this is it.
  • Surface Moss: A new item that can be placed on the sides of blocks up to 3 times, increasing the amount of moss on that surface with each layer. This is perfect for decorating natural areas. 
  • Azalea trees have a rare chance of spawning naturally in plains and forest biomes. To grow the tree yourself, either bonemeal the vanilla azalea bush or the azalea flower. This can all be modified in the config file.

👾 Discord:

Join my Discord server to preview the updates early, suggest features, report bugs, or just talk with me:


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