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Successor to BetterAchievements for the new advancements system in minecraft 1.12+  

Better Advancements tries to improve the UI and UX for the advancements system in minecraft 1.12+ in a modded environment.  

This mod's scope is cosmetic and Quality of Life. For modpack creators, I suggest looking into Triumph if you are creating a pack with custom advancements.

In the future it'll also contain extra features for modders to use, if you are a modder and have a request feel free to make an issue on the tracker.

If you aren't a modder, but have a feature request. Whether it is a visual or functional tweak, feel free to make an issue as well.



  • Screen filling UI (instead of the tiny one used by ants) (Examples)
  • Change the color of the advancement icons (instead of the default gray, blue and orange)
  • Adds setting to stop fading of the advancements background on hover
  • Description boxes can grow slightly larger, so they are easier to read
  • Adds title of tab to title of advancements UI
  • Any planned features are posted on the issue tracker



Also available for Fabric for 1.18.2+