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Filename Kether-1.12-1.12.2-0.6.jar
Uploaded by krevikus
Uploaded Apr 15, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 8.91 MB
Downloads 247
MD5 7f7375c2332d050942f2c2a25c2f10c7
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-added soul tree

-some optimizations connected with trees

-changed charger gui texture

-added temple guardian

-some sounds fixes

-added scorpion venom

-some fixes with mobs rendering

-decreased spawn rate of old library

-improved loot tables

-improved spawn rate of mobs

-swords haven’t been registred as tools so it couldn’t break web blocks - fixed

-changed sky color

-added turtle shell plate

-texture update

-added moth

-added crystal blend as furnace fuel

-added generation of luminescent gnarl to soul tree

-added particles to soul leaves

-added loot of wings piece to butterflies and moths

-added big wings and recipe

-added custom background music

-improved strange wanderer gui textures

-code optimalizations

-fixed tools damage effciency etc

-added new dungeon