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[BETA] This mod aims to add new fantasy creatures to Minecraft!, please understand that this mod is in heavy development and changes, right now I'm not really focusing on making content, but rather tools for making content in a more easy way.


For any questions, recommendations, assistance, or just for fun, come join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/F3zG2An7Yk!


Current content:



- Black Scorpion  -  Attacks you with its stinger, dealing the poison status effect.


- Cursed Skull  -  Shoots a stream of cursed flames at you, dealing the cursed status effect which does damage over time.


- Mundane Slime  -  Jumps at you, dealing damage on contact.


- Frozen Slime  -  Jumps at you, dealing damage on contact. [Soon will also deal slowness]


- Jungle Slime  -  Jumps at you, dealing damage on contact. [Soon will also deal poison]


- Magma Slime  -  Jumps at you, dealing damage on contact. Has a significant amount of HP


- Ender Beast Archer  -  Shoots arrows at you with its giant bow dealing massive knockback [Very WIP - In the process of being reworked]


- Ender Beast Lancer  -  Stabs you with it's lance. [Very WIP - In the process of being reworked]


- Rammer  -  Passive unless provoked. Runs at you and rams you with its head


- Grand Rammer  -  Feed a regular rammer a golden apple in order to transform it into a grand rammer. Feed a grand rammer a golden apple to tame it, and then use a saddle to mount it. The mount can't jump, but will do a ram attack when you press space, dealing damage and large knockback.


- Ghoul  -  Spits poisonous acid at you dealing the poison potion effect, and slaps you with its arms.


- Ice Ghoul  -  Has lots of HP, and slaps at you with its arms.


- Ice Elemental  -  Shoots ice projectiles at you, dealing damage and the slowness effect.


- Jungle Golem  -  Shoots TNT drones at you and hits you dealing lots of damage.


- Klifour  -  Found rarely in clusters in the jungle biome, the Klifour are cute but deadly plant mobs that will shoot poisonous projectiles at you.


- Magma Gulper  -  Flies throughout the nether. It can swoop down and hit you or spit fire at you.


- Manhunter  -  !NOT CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED! [In the process of being reworked]


- Mummy  -  Can summon a spike from the ground beneath the player which does contact damage, a Sand Scarab, a speedy beetle that runs up to you and attacks you, or an Arid      Abomination, which has a slap attack similar to that of the ghoul / frost ghoul. It also can throw a block of sand at you, or if you get too close it will attack you with its Mummy Soul,     (Yes, It is a JoJo reference) dealing extreme knockback.


- Nyctoid  -  Currently does not attack due to a bug. [In the process of an EXTREME rework]


- Possessed Armor  -  Attacks you by doing a single shieldbreak slash with it's sword which activates your shield cooldown, a double slash which does not activate shield cooldown,      or if it's target gets too far away, a dash slash, which also sends your shield into cooldown. Once its health gets low enough, the Possessed Armor will drink a honey bottle,                  replenishing its health to max. This should only happen rarely as not to be overpowered, but will happen at least once every time you fight one.


- Sporer  -  Found only during rainy weather, the Sporer floats in the air, shooting out spore slimes, which act exactly like a Mundane Slime, jumping towards you, dealing contact          damage.



- Klifour Cluster  -  Found throughout the jungle, the Klifour Cluster includes around 5 Klifour all over a small spot. Also known as "klifour_spawn" when using the /locate command.


- Angler's Treasure  -  Found in the ocean, the Angler's Treasure includes 2 piles of random resources in the form of hay bales, dried kelp blocks, or clay blocks, and one sea chest in    the top room lookout, which rarely include the Ebbewel accessory.




- Ayerstone  -  Gotten from killing the Mummy, the Ayerstone causes some of your attacks to send out a small sand blast, dealing damage.


- Sand Necklace  -  Gotten from killing the Mummy, the Sand Necklace causes the mummy soul to attack your own foes, dealing extreme knockback. This has a short cooldown.


- Klifour Talisman  -  Gotten rarely from killing the Klifour, the Klifour Talisman makes Klifour passive, allowing for safe travels through the jungle biomes


- Ebbewel  -  Found rarely in the Angler's Treasure structure in the ocean biomes, the Ebbewel allows the user 3 small glowing dashes while swimming in water that propel them towards the cursor. Press the space bar to activate while swimming.




- Antique Helmet  -  Crafted with 8 Strange Alloy dropped by the Possessed Armor and 3 Gold Ingots. Gives 2 armor points.


- Antique Chestplate  -  Crafted with 16 Strange Alloy dropped by the Possessed Armor. Gives 6 armor points.


- Antique Leggings  -  Crafted with 12 Strange Alloy dropped by the Possessed Armor. Gives 5 armor points.


- Antique Boots  -  Crafted with 8 Strange Alloy dropped by the Possessed Armor. Gives 2 armor points.



- Scorpion Sword  - Crafted with 1 Netherite Sword and 5 Scorpion Glands dropped by the Black Scorpion. Does 8.5 Damage.


- Shotgun  -  Not currently obtainable in survival. Uses Shotgun Shells and Water Shotgun Shells. Coming soon


- Handgun  -  Not currently obtainable in survival. Uses Bullets and Water Bullets


- Heavy Handgun  -  Not currently obtainable in survival. Uses Bullets and Water Bullets


- Frost Bow - A chilly bow that allows you to rapid-fire arrows without having to click more than once. Hold it down and go!



Kites are craftable/trophy items that you can fly by attaching them to a fence post by right clicking (or left clicking if you're Cf28 (yes I know it's strange))


- Craftable Kites  -  Craftable Kites are made with wool of any vanilla color and string. These are the only kites that you can craft yourself.


- Mob Kites  -  Uncraftable trophy kites obtained by killing 50 of one type of mob (10 if said mob is a boss) They can either be a small, medium or large kite, with large ones typically being from rare mobs. (Note: Each mob only has one type of kite. No, you cannot get multiple kite sizes for each mob. No, we will not spend many hours making these.) There are kites for almost every vanilla mob. (Ender Dragon not included.) (There are also some compatibility kites, from Mowzie's Mobs and Alex' Mobs


Consumable Items:

- Spore Bomb  -  Crafted with Spores and Visceral Essence. Throwable spore cloud explosion that gives the spores effect, doing tick damage over time like poison.


- Blue Slime  -  Summons a Terraria-inspired Blue Slime mount. This mount allows you to jump tremendous heights, and after a medium-length cooldown, you can get inside of the slime, allowing you to travel extremely fast, although it doesn't last for very long.




-Chinese (credits to qsefthuopq)

-Russian (credits to LXRD (1lxrds))

-Spanish (credits to ElColoManco)


You can modify spawns in the config file at .minecraft \ config \ dannys_expansion-common.toml. There you will find 4 parameters:

-Weight in short words is the probability of the mob spawning, [Zombie weight is at 80, and Witch weight is at 5, for example]

-Min and Max Group Size modifies the group size of the spawn, [pigs spawn always in 4, for example]

-Biome Dictionaries are the environments where the mob can spawn, all the tags here: https://mcreator.net/wiki/minecraft-forge-biome-dictionary-types-list (this mod doesn't use mcreator duh)


Why don't I see the mod folder? If you're using the Curseforge app and don't have the file in your mods folder, you have to open Minecraft with the mod installed in your modpack to make the file appear. If you use only the Curseforge website, you should have the mod in your folder from the start, but not the config file yet. Make sure to play with the mod at least once in order to get access to these for both modding methods.


Ultimately, remember that some of the mobs are still unbalanced, so test the spawn weights of your mobs if you want to play with all of them in survival


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