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A server-side only mod that provide information about beehives and bees.

For Fabric version, Fabric API is required.

For forge version, view other branches maintained by MikhailTapio

Recommended to use along with MoreBeeInfo.

Thank strrraicato_ for the name "Beehave" provided by them.

Main feature

  • Right-click on a beehive block or bee nest block, bees' information will be printed into the chat HUD. Included: bees' count, is a bee adult or baby, how many ticks has a bee stayed in the hive, and how many ticks are needed to be occupied before leaving the hive.
  • Right-click on a bee entity, bee's information will be printed into chat HUD. If the bee gets a hive to enter, the position of the hive will be displayed; if not, the bee will be marked "Homeless"

All the operations above will be automatically filtered if the player is holding items that got other functions.


  • Add a blacklist & whitelist that limits the items held by players to display the information
  • More language support