Basic Ingredients is a small mod, which adds some tools to recycle your stuff. This is my first (official) mod. Expect more to come!



The mod currently adds in 4 new tools:

Iron Cutting Knife:

Diamond Cutting Knife:

Mortar and Pestle:

Reinforced Mortar and Pestle:

These tools are used to craft various Items/Blocks back. They always loose 1 durability point, when you craft something with them. The Tools have different durability values:


- Iron Cutting Knife: 32 Uses

- Diamond Cutting Knife: 200 Uses

- Mortar and Pestle: 16 Uses

- Reinforced Mortar and Pestle: 90 Uses


The Iron Cutting Knife and the Diamond Cutting Knife can be used as a weapon too!


The recipes are simple Shapeless recipes. Put your Knife/Mortar together with a vanilla Item/Block to uncraft it. You only get 1 type of the ingredients back. (mostly the most expensive one).


I highly recommend you to use NEI for the recipes! http://chickenbones.net/Pages/links.html


Here are some examples:



You can also use your mortal/knife to increase the output of normal recipes:



There are some Recipes to create new items with the mortar/knife too:



Some Recipes with the Mortar are only working with the Reinforced Mortar and Pestle! But there are no extra Recipes for the Diamond Cutting Knife.


The Reinforced Mortar and Pestle and the Diamond Knife haven't only a better Durability, than their normal counterparts. They also give you an increased amount of output. The Output of those tools is mostly the same amount of items, you have used to craft the recycable item:



Planned Features:

- config options

- more recipes

- more tools

- mod support

 Mod Reviews:

Review by HelldogMadness





You're allowed to use my mod in your modpack!