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Filename backtools-1.17.1-4.jar
Uploaded by DaniK1ngRD
Uploaded Nov 6, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +5
Size 21.39 KB
Downloads 3,082
MD5 5f88a624046992916ab94108354d46df
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1.17.1-4 CHANGELOG:

NEW: Easter egg for when the player is swimming or flying with elytra(Works the same as BackTools from Forge).

NEW: BackTools Config file can now select  whitelist-only tools (ignoring the blacklist) or  blacklist-only (Works the same as BackTools from Forge).

NEW: You can now change the orientation of each tool in the config file. (Same as BackTools from forge),

NEW: Render orientation will now change depending on the main Arm of the player (same as BackTools from Forge)

NEW: It now tracks the last tool used in the off hand stack. (Same as BackTools from Forge).

FIX: It no longer keeps rendering the back tool when the player drops the item.

-Updated License

-Code cleanup

This update adds the rest of the features that the mod was missing from BackTools(Forge)


FIX: Render now follows the body when the player is sneaking

TWEAK: Some code cleanup




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